Cash-Window APIs - Rasori's Relentless Releases: Weekly Technology Improvement Series

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Weekly Technology Improvement Series:

Cash-Window APIs

Published 8/18/2021

With MCTlive!, all your bids are tied directly to the cash window through our live, on demand, APIs with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Once posted, live pricing from Fannie/Freddie is available with the click of a button.


Even if the market moves between pricing and hitting the bid, you don’t have to worry about delayed rate sheet updates or a dislocation between TBAs and cash window price changes.


A full browse price integration to ALL cash window executions provides assurance that you are receiving the most up to date pricing for your best execution and front-end pricing.



 This live browse with the agencies feature allows you to pull in a base price, SRP, spec, and LLPAs, for an accurate all in price, to make retained or released decisions, with SMP (Fannie), CRX (Freddie), and CTOS (Freddie).


Once a best ex analysis is completed (fee adjusted and eligibility included), a lender can easily commit to all of the cash window iterations available.

The ability to select commitment pricing directly from the cash window helps maximize profit and save time in the process of selling loans. MCT® is continually optimizing our capital markets software to keep up with the current market space.  

In an effort to inform you of these real time enhancements this series will review the latest MCTlive! innovations and functionality updates. Join our newsletter to be updated on new releases.

This series focuses on technology updates to MCTlive!, MCT’s award-winning loan pipeline management software.

MCTlive! Features include:

  • 100% Cloud-Hosted, Web-Based, Real-Time Functionality
  • Multidimensional Pull-Through Analytics
  • Bid Auction Manager (BAM) Loan Trading Platform
  • Electronic TBA Trading
  • Rapid Commit for Agency Delivery

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