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Agile Pooling Functionality

Published 11/1/21

MCT is now the first company to be able to leverage the pooling functionality powered by Agile Trading Technologies. Agile, the new way to quote MBS, is bringing mortgage lenders and broker dealers on to a single electronic platform. Agile overturns manual processes to unlock the potential of an electronic marketplace, digitizing the historically phone-based communication process to support both TBA trading and MBS pooling.

“Both loans and hedges are allocated within seconds,” says Andrew Rhodes, MCT’s Director of Trading. “No more spending time allocating loans to a trade and then processing trades done on swap.” Because Agile is browser-based, lenders can request trades from any device, anywhere.

Benefits of Pooling Functionality:

  • Streamlines the bidding process, taking it out of an Excel workbook
  • Consolidates all dealer bids, taking manual entry out of the equation for the BWIC analysis…saving time
  • Automatic Assignments for trades are done on swap with non-winning dealers…this leverages the BAM automation for tri-party creation
  • Open to all dealers…doesn’t exclude any dealers in the bidding process
  • Built for lenders of all sizes issuing MBS pools
  • Adjusts coverage at time of confirmation.

Features of Agile Pool Functionality within MCTlive!

From the Swap Screen

Send Multiple Bids at Once

Allocate Loans Solely by Pasting in Loan Numbers 

Designate Spec Type for the Pool

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About the Author:

Paul Yarbrough, Director of Client Success Group

Secondary marketing expert Paul Yarbrough joined San Diego-based MCT to oversee new client on-boarding, manage the company’s secondary marketing technology and implement necessary solution training.

He has detailed knowledge on how to leverage secondary marketing technology to proficiently run capital markets functions. He plays an important role in implementing and training lenders on MCT’s secondary marketing technology platform MCTlive!, as well as ancillary solutions. Mr. Yarbrough has a BA in Finance from West Texas A&M with a minor in Economics.

MCTlive! Features include:

  • 100% Cloud-Hosted, Web-Based, Real-Time Functionality
  • Multidimensional Pull-Through Analytics
  • Bid Auction Manager (BAM) Loan Trading Platform
  • Electronic TBA Trading
  • Rapid Commit for Agency Delivery

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