Award-Winning Best Execution & Loan Pipeline Management Software

Built specifically for Secondary Marketing by secondary marketing professionals, MCTlive! is the most powerful platform available for day-to-day loan pipeline management, trade positions management, and loan sale best execution. The platform was engineered to put the capital markets function we provide in the hands of our customers, allowing them to build their capital markets competency inside their own shop. Many of the complex yet repetitive tasks required of secondary marketing have been automated within MCTlive!, freeing your time and resources for other high-value functions.

Loan Pipeline Management Software Features

  • 100% Cloud-Hosted, Web-Based, Real-Time Functionality
  • Multi-dimensional Pull-Through Analytics
  • LO Performance Reports & Metrics
  • Hedging Scenario “What If?” Tool
  • Integrations with Leading LOS Platforms
  • Sandbox Capability for Training & Parallel Testing
  • Best Execution Engine Incorporating ALL Investor Outlets Including Co-Issue and Bulk Bid Tapes
  • Mobile application enables loan pipeline management on-the-go
MCTlive! Pipeline Coverage Tab Screenshot

MCTlive! Mobile Enables Mortgage Pipeline Software On-The-Go

Discover how the new mobile app is changing the way lenders manage secondary marketing. With the app, users are able to review and react to market changes anytime, anywhere. Contact us today to learn how the MCTlive! mobile app is improving loan pipeline management. 

Post Bid Tapes for Pricing

Open the MCTlive! mobile app and choose ‘Post to BAM’, select the investors you would like to send your tapes to, then choose when you’d like to receive bids back. 


Best Ex. & Loan Commitment

Review the best execution analysis and select winning investor bids within the app. Hit the Commit Loans button to send these loans to the selected investors. 

Review Reporting

View a summary of today’s loan pipeline activity including new, committed and fallout production. You can also review your current coverage and profitability reporting.


MCTlive! Features Overview Video


Watch our brief demo for a taste of the power behind
the platform from creator Phil Rasori

Benefits of MCTlive! Software

Real-time mortgage pipeline software reporting with benefits throughout your company.

Benefits for Secondary Marketing Managers

Real-time reporting can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
Automate and streamline tedious, repetitive, or mission-critical tasks.
Customization of the platform, reports, and integrations based on your specific needs.
Robust export features for additional analysis.
Unlimited support and training from MCT’s expert staff.

Benefits for Operational Performance

Direct LOS Integrations enable easy setup, protect data integrity, and prevent labor-intensive rekeying.
LO & Branch Analytics allow you to optimize pull-through at every touchpoint.
Pipeline Management Tool to identify & prevent profit leakage.
Scalable system whether your monthly volume is measured in millions or billions.

Benefits for Owners, Executives & CFOs

Secure servers and state-of-the-art encryption protect your data.
Proprietary P&PE enables accurate pricing and loan sale eligibility.
Best Execution Engine incorporates all investors including MBS, co-issue, and bulk bid tapes.
Detailed month-end journal entries make hedge accounting easy to set up and understand.

2-Way Integrations with Loan Origination Software (LOS)

Connect with Encompass, LendingQB, PCLender, OpenClose, SFTP and our proprietary LOS integrations.

Enable painless setup and real-time consistency across your platforms with MCTlive!

Read more about MCT API’s and software integrations.

Reviews of MCTlive!

Best Execution & Loan Pipeline Management Software

Using BAM saves us 2 to 4 hours every time we do loan sales. The convenience of communication and analysis has encouraged us to send bid tapes to our full set of investors more often rather than just the top tier, resulting in a surprising pickup in some cases. We used to bid out on a 15 day delivery, but now we’ve reduced that to 7 day. Read Full Case Study

Timothy Ieyoub

SVP of Capital Markets, Eustis Mortgage

Before the Tri-Party automation, I had to write in all the fields, print and attach all the confirms, sign, scan, and send for every assignment-of-trade loan sale (AOT). Without it, I probably wouldn’t bother with bid tape AOT transactions very often, because the time cost might outweigh the pickup. Read Full Case Study

Andrew Stringer

Director of Secondary/Capital Markets, First Bank

Equipped with the Largest Mortgage Asset Exchange for the U.S. Secondary Market

mct marketplace logo

MCT Marketplace is liquidity. We connect buyers and sellers in a unique, digital auction regardless of counterparty approval status. Through our patent-pending technology, sellers have access to the most robust set of take-outs, while buyers are seamlessly connected to the largest community of sellers in the U.S.

MCTlive! Articles

SAN DIEGO (June 27, 2024) –MCT announced the launch of new integrations with Fannie Mae’s Mission Score API and product grids that provide better transparency and pricing for mortgages aligned with Fannie Mae’s mission objectives.

In this webinar featuring Fannie Mae’s Olga Gorodetsky alongside Phil Rasori and Paul Yarbrough of MCT, panelists discuss the goals, features, and benefits of this technology integration for mortgage originators and their borrowers.

In this webinar, Phil Rasori and Andrew Rhodes will share analysis on the current market, comparison to relevant historical precedent, and new MCT software functionality to equip lenders in this challenging market.

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