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Increase productivity, improve data integrity, and gain full control over lock management. Effectively outsource some or all of your centralized lock desk functions to our established team of secondary market analysts. Our variable pricing model allows you to select from a menu of customizable service levels and only pay for the services you need. This solution allows you to grow your volume without the hassle of recruiting and training staff.

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Proven Lock Desk Model with Experienced Team of Secondary Analysts

Lock Desk Management Services

MCT’s LockCentral is available to best efforts clients making the move to hedging or clients already hedging and delivering mandatory. Offering a customizable model to scale as your business grows, this service provides:

  • Access to a full suite of services at a significant reduction in costs.
  • Increased lock desk management services and pricing accuracy.
  • Customized workflows to support data integrity for optimal hedge performance.
  • Rapid scalability to handle changes in volume.
  • Redundant price verifications are provided for all lock requests and updates.
  • Hedge training are provided to existing lock desk personnel.
  • Detailed tracking and reporting.
  • Mortgage lock desk policy & procedures, loan officer instructions, and internal lock desk manual creation and documentation.
  • Loan officer and secondary staff lock desk training.
  • Mortgage lock desk workflow optimization consulting.

Supplement or Outsource Your Lock Desk

Run by a dedicated team of seasoned secondary mortgage lock desk service analysts, LockCentral boasts the best client to employee ratio in the industry to provide the most responsive customer service in lock desk management services.

Whether you choose to use the LockCentral team as a force multiplier to support your existing staff, or to completely outsource your lock desk, LockCentral’s cross-training and team-based service will ensure your lock desk is covered.

MCT LockCentral: Benefits

Mortgage bankers use our professional lock management services to enable their secondary staff to focus on other duties while MCT analysts focus on locking loans.

Supports Hedging

Ensures real-time communication with trading staff and accurate data entry.

Cost Effective

Variable pricing allows you to pay for only the services you need.

Redundant Coverage

A dedicated team of cross-trained analysts for each client ensures redundant coverage at an affordable price.

Increased Productivity

Free up existing secondary employees to focus on additional responsibilities.

Scalable Solution

The only solution that allows you to grow your volume without hassles of recruiting, training, or costs of adding staff.

Experienced Team

Staff regularly works with over 100 Secondary Market Outlets and Correspondent Lenders, using every major LOS and PPE in the industry.

Compliance & Control

Proven Best Practices and policies & procedures to ensure compliance. Gain increased lock desk management service, risk management, and pricing accuracy assurance.

Data Integrity

In depth auditing and quality control ensures more accurate reporting and better business intelligence.

Lock Central: Latest News & Educational Articles


In this article, we will discuss how to adjust lock desk best practices to transition loan sales to Best Efforts during periods of market volatility. We will also provide some context to explain why switching to Best Efforts loan sales might be a necessity in some cases.

Read MCT’s whitepaper Lock Centralization 101 to learn what operational changes to staff, procedures, and technology will need to be made in order to establish a centralized lock desk for your business.

SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 11, 2018 – MCT announces that the San Diego Business Journal (SDBJ) named its employee Natalie Arshakian to the 2018 ‘Next Top Business Leaders Under 40’ list. The award program recognizes dynamic, young business leaders and role models who have significantly contributed to San Diego’s business climate and the community.

LockCentral is a service for mortgage bankers that want to outsource some or all of their centralized lock desk workload without having to incur the hassle and expenses of additional full time resources, or for mortgage bankers who want to optimize their lock desk operations to support better hedge performance.

Natalie Arshakian
Director of Lock Desk Operations

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