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In this overview whitepaper, we’ll discuss what operational changes to staff, procedures, and technology will need to be made in order to establish a centralized lock desk for your business.


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About the Whitepaper:

Whether you are a lender making the move to mandatory executions, trying to meet new investor requirements, or desiring to increase operational efficiencies for greater profits, it’s very likely that you will one day achieve the professional milestone of centralizing your lock desk.


MCT’s Lock Desk Centralization whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • Reasons to centralize a lock desk
  • What is a centralized lock desk and what does it do?
  • Basic requirements to centralize a lock desk and technology concepts
  • How to set up staff for a centralized lock desk
  • Lock desk centralization operational requirements

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“When you decide it’s time to centralize your lock desk, consider first that this role in your company has an incredible amount of influence on your profitability. Therefore, care should be taken to select quality staff or third-party vendors to work with to fulfill your company’s needs in centralization.”

Chris Anderson, CAO and LockCentral Founder writing in Lock Desk Centralization 101

About the Author:

Chris Anderson, Chief Administrative Officer and LockCentral Founder at MCT

Mr. Anderson is an experienced public and private sector manager with expertise in regulatory compliance, organizational development, project management, data systems management, professional development, and public policy analysis.

Mr. Anderson joined MCT in 2012 as a Division Manager charged with organizing and building MCT’s newly formed Outsourced Lock Desk Division. In 2013, after successfully growing the Lock Desk Division and establishing it as the industry standard for outsourced lock desk services, he was promoted to the Executive Management Team as Senior Vice President. In late 2015, his increasing contributions to MCT were recognized when he was promoted to his current role as Chief Administrative Officer. Mr. Anderson currently oversees MCT’s Lock Desk Division, IT & Programming Division, and Business Operations Division, which includes: Administrative Operations, Compliance, Human Resources, and Risk Management.

Mr. Anderson is a member of the MBA’s Residential Mortgage Curriculum Advisory Committee, the CMBA’s Technology & Marketing Committee and holds a B.A. in Public Policy from the University of California, San Diego.

Chris Anderson, CAO & LockCentral Founder