Comprehensive Back-End Focused Product & Mortgage Pricing Software

With the Product & Pricing Group mortgage pricing software you can accurately evaluate the current value of your mortgage pipeline and optimize profits at time of loan sale. Clients receive mark to market reports of locked pipeline and best execution options to determine max profitability of loan sales on a daily basis with our decision lender solutions.

Loan-Level Pricing for Every Client, Investor & Channel: Mortgage Pricing Software

Mortgage Product Pricing Engine (PPE) is a software that calculates pricing options and generates different loan pricing scenarios with varied rate options. Learn more in this blog post about product pricing engines and how the MCT product and pricing group will benefit you’re business. 

This daily compilation of loan level pricing and eligibility is for both Mark to Market and Best Execution purposes for all available delivery methods for digital mortgage rates.

Daily Mark to Market Report

product-pricing-loan-level-225MCT provides our clients with a daily Mark to Market of their locked pipeline and Best Execution of their loans available for sale.

Automated pricing through our proprietary loan pipeline management software, MCTlive! to ensure accurately compiled base rates, LLPA
LLPA - Loan level price adjustors.
tables, SRP schedules, adjustment grids and underwriting eligibility on a daily basis.

Robust Delivery Options

Clients have the ability to submit bulk tapes to investors with the click of a button through our efficient and easy to use mortgage pricing engine. Accurate pricing or shadow bids for digital mortgage rates are achieved through automated pricing compilation.

  • Provides loan level pricing details across the client’s suite of investors allowing them to accurately evaluate the value of their pipeline and optimize profits at time of loan sale.
  • The Product & Pricing Group acts as a conduit to bring investors and clients together in order to broaden our client’s product offering.

White-Label Rate Sheets to Optimize Loan-Level Margins

Some mortgage companies opt to use an in-house rate sheet to better target and maximize their margins. White-label rate sheets can help to maximize your profits and achieve key operational efficiencies and not capitalize on decision lender solutions.

If you choose to white-label your product set and direct Loan Officers toward a consistently positive experience with your in-house product, interest rate, and pricing terms for new loan applications. If you already create a white-label rate sheet manually, MCT can help streamline the process and report on the results with our successful mortgage pricing engine. Contact us to learn more about this service.

Watch the full interview with Ben Coll on Mark to Market reporting and White-Label Rate Sheets in this behind the scenes interview of how the Product & Pricing division compiles large and complex data sets daily.

Product & Pricing Group: How It Works

MCT works with our clients and directly with investors to compile base rates, LLPA tables, SRP schedules, adjustment grids and underwriting eligibility on a daily basis with our efficient and accurate mortgage pricing software.

The Product & Pricing Group is overseen by Chris Anderson and managed by Luke Chang and is supported by senior MCT staff with pricing, loan eligibility, and database experience.

Product & Pricing Group: Benefits

MCT provides our clients with a daily Mark to Market of their locked pipeline and Best Execution of their loans available for sale to evaluate value of pipeline as well as profitability.


Pricing component compilation for digital mortgage rates is automated in our mortgage pricing software to ensure accuracy.

Ease Of Use

Stacks Net Sell price per loan by investor; best to worst.


MCT Traders will commit loans to investors on our client’s behalf and capitalize on decision lender solutions.


Ability for clients to show all investors or hide specific investors from Best Execution due to investor operational inefficiencies.

Robust Delivery Options

Ability for clients to submit bulk tapes to eligible investors with the click of a button.

Product & Pricing: Latest News & Educational Articles


Lenders using MCT’s loan pipeline management software, MCTlive!, received bid tape pricing at the loan level on their open pipeline in year-end mark-to-market reports, a major improvement over the rate sheet and direct trade pricing typically used for this purpose and the first step in addressing a recent crisis in derivative asset pipeline valuation.

In this video interview, Ben Coll explains the true value behind MCT’s Product and Pricing group, and why data accuracy is so important for loan sale decisions. Learn how we make White-Label Rate Sheets & Mark to Market Reporting services effective for your organization’s bottom-line.

Industry Veteran Ben Coll Joins MCT’s Growing Capital Markets Team    SAN DIEGO, Calif., Aug. 7, 2015  – MCT Trading, Inc. (MCT), a recognized industry leader in mortgage risk management providing pipeline hedging, best-execution loan sales and centralized lock desk services, announced Ben Coll joined the company’s capital markets team. He becomes employee number 65 as MCT continues […]

Our seasoned team of capital markets experts will ensure unparalleled support, guidance, and product knowledge to improve your mortgage banking experience.

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