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MCT has helped earn an extra $230,000,000 for lenders in Q1 2022, or $750,000 in additional profits per client on average. Discover how MCT can bring your BPS back by adding your custom inputs to the hedge advisory calculator below.

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Mandatory Loan Sales
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Bid Tape Assignment of Trade*
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Investor Set Optimization
+ $0
Trade Auction Manager*
+ $0
BAM Marketplace*
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Potential Profitability Pickup
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Monthly Efficiency Pickup
+ 0.0
Data Writeback Service*
+ 0.0
GSE Time Savings*
+ 0.0
Loan Sale Setup
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Potential Efficiency Pickup
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*service is unique to MCT
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Ready to bring the BPS back? Contact MCT to learn how our services are adding profitability and efficiency for clients.

MCT has helped earn an extra $230,000,000 for lenders in Q1 2022, or $750,000 in additional profits per client on average. Contact us today to learn how. 

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Capital Markets Software to Improve Profitability

MCT leverages unique software and services like BAM Marketplace, bid tape AOT, and Trade Auction Manager to help clients squeeze every basis point from their best execution loan sale strategy. Learn more about each software or service below. 

Mandatory Loan Sales

MCT is known for guiding clients through the process of switching to mandatory loan sales. Industry expertise combined with loan pipeline software, like MCTlive!, have earned clients more money selling their loans on the secondary market. 

Learn More: Intro to Mandatory Loan Sales
Case Study: First Bank
Software/Services: Hedge Advisory

Investor Set Optimization

Ensuring investor set optimization can have dramatic effects on your profitability, especially during market volatility. Leverage MCT’s referral network and shadow investor pricing in BAM Marketplace to learn which investors could give you additional lift.

Learn More: Optimizing Your Investor Set
Case Study: Eustis Mortgage
Software/Services: Bid Auction Manager

Bid Tape AOT

The bid tape assignment of trade (AOT) combines the granularity of price available via bid tape with the cash benefits of assigning the trade, which have historically been mutually exclusive. One of the main benefits of AOT execution is the savings on the bid-offer spread.

Learn More: Power of Bid Tape AOT
Case Study: Mountain West Financial
Software/Services: MCTlive!

BAM Marketplace

BAM Marketplace is the world’s first truly open loan exchange, where buyers can bid regardless of approval status, and sellers receive automated live pricing from every buyer on the platform. Maximized liquidity, eliminated barriers, and optimized execution.

Learn More: Introducing BAM Marketplace
Case Study: Alpha Mortgage
Software/Services: BAM Marketplace

Trade Auction Manager

 TAM digitizes the historically phone-based communication process of buying and selling TBAs within a browser-based Request for Quote (RFQ) software system that supports up to 8 competitive bids and drives best execution on your trades.

Learn More: About Agile
Case Study: Mountain West Financial
Software/Services: Trade Auction Manager

“Since implementing pipeline hedging and best execution loan sales with MCT, First Bank has realized a total net profitability increase of 52 basis points.”

Andrew Stringer

Director of Secondary/Capital Markets, First Bank

Software for Mortgage Lenders to Improve Efficiency

Clients of MCT are leveraging a variety of tools like data writeback service, Rapid Commit for GSEs, and loan sale setup technology. Learn more about these services below. 

Data Writeback Service

Inputting loan sale information can be time consuming and riddled with data entry errors. With our data writeback tool, all loan sale information can be automatically written into certain LOS platforms.

Learn More: Data Writeback Service
Case Study: Mountain West Financial
Software/Services: MCTlive!

GSE Time Savings

For those with GSE approval, Rapid Commit integrates with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to automate loan pricing and commitment. This automation offers intelligent best execution capability and efficiency. 

Learn More: About Rapid Commit
Case Study: Atlantic Coast Mortgage
Software/Services: Rapid Commit

Loan Sale Setup

MCT’s software was created by secondary marketing professionals for secondary marketing professionals. Loan sale setup, bid tape management and execution have automation implemented at every turn.

Learn More: About Bid Auction Manager
Case Study: Mountain West Financial
Software/Services: Bid Auction Manager

Please note, profitability and efficiency metrics are estimated based on client data. Individual results may vary. 


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