MSR Valuation Software – MSRlive!

The most accurate & customizable mortgage servicing rights (MSR) valuation software model, now on a convenient, cloud-based software platform.

Our mortgage servicing rights software helps MSR Portfolio Managers and mortgage banking professionals more efficiently build, optimize and manage their MSR portfolio. With a wide variety of MSR valuation solutions, the secondary market has never been easier to maneuver. This MSR valuation tool has features like portfolio valuation, custom grid pricing, rate shock analysis and detailed reporting which allows you to account for every market scenario. The ability to view and edit more than 400 inputs ensures your valuation is extremely accurate, easy to review, and customizable for unique analysis.

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Our MSR Valuation Tools – Explore the Features of MSRlive! 

  • Review and Adjust over 400 Inputs for an extremely accurate portfolio valuation.
  • View Segmented Reporting of your portfolio for a unique look at investor types, coupon tranches and more.
  • Forecast Cash Flows for any market condition and prepare for different scenarios.
  • Create Grid Pricing Sheets as often as needed
  • Analyze Rate Shocks on your portfolio of 200 basis in either direction

View Reporting Results on a loan level basis, create summary reports, or analyze cash flows.

Run a Rate Shock Analysis to see the effects of market changes on your portfolio value.

Generate Detailed Pricing Grids based on your typical loan characteristics.

“The ease-of-use within MSRlive! creates greater user efficiency when analyzing my portfolio, allowing me to run multiple scenarios in a fraction of the time.”

Matt Antenore, Vice President of Capital Markets at RWM Home Loans

Learn the Benefits of the Best MSR Valuation Software for Finding Actionable Insights

The MSR team is to make sure you’re getting the most value out of MSRlive! Our experts will help you calculate your servicing expenses then add them to the mortgage servicing rights software platform for increased accuracy. We will work with you to find actionable insights within your portfolio and help protect you from market risks.


Over 400 inputs account for your servicing costs, foreclosure costs, late fee income and more.


Our industry experts work with you to calculate servicing costs and discover actionable insights and risk management strategies.


Transparency of inputs allows you to customize valuation settings and segment reporting around numerous factors.


Follow step-by-step instructions to complete a portfolio valuation. No technical experience required.

Contact us today to learn why MSRlive! is the best MSR valuation software available.

Analyze your Portfolio with Ease

MSRlive! was built by finance professionals, for finance professionals. Users can easily load and value a new servicing portfolio, run rate shock analysis, or create grid pricing models using the steps below.

Define Assumptions – MCT Experts work with you to define and understand all base assumptions.

Process Data – You have the ability to pull your own data and run at your discretion.

Generate Reports – Defined set of reports generated (Cash Flow Forecasting, Portfolio, etc.).

Analyze Results – Review results and make actionable decisions for increased revenue.

Loan-Level Characteristics Considered for Accurate MSR Pricing

With the new MSRlive! API, you can develop pricing that includes key loan-level characteristics such as location, FICO, loan-to-value (LTV), and more in real time. By factoring in these elements, there is an opportunity which allows avoiding overpaying for potentially underperforming assets.

Sample Grid Level comparing static pricing vs. custom API

To illustrate the importance of loan-level characteristics in your pricing, consider the example above comprised of 18 loans with varying attributes. If a purchaser applied a four-to-one multiple to each loan, that would ultimately result in less than overall favorable returns.

With MSRlive! API, loan-level characteristics like location, FICO, LTV and prepay scenarios are factored in to produce granular pricing for each loan. By mathematically factoring in key characteristics, the MSR buyer ensures they’re not overpaying for these assets while improving the potential for favorable long-term-profitability. No more waiting days or weeks to get the data you’re looking for, MSRlive! API gets you more granular data in real time at your fingertips. 

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Learn more about this mortgage servicing rights software platform and how our team of experts can help you increase the profits of your portfolio.

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Full List of MSR Services at MCT

Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT) is proud to house the most comprehensive list of MSR products and services in the industry. View our comprehensive list below.

MSRlive! – MCT’s new MSR valuation software that supports your efforts to build, maintain, and optimize your servicing portfolio.

Mortgage Servicing Valuation Reports – Determine the value of your asset, and also detail risk and exposure sensitivities.

Enhanced Retain-Release Extension – MCT’s Best Execution Analysis offers additional customizations for your specific servicing goals.

MSR Strategy Consulting – Available for MSR Services clients along with a robust network of subservicers and institutions.

Custom MSR Grids – Let MCT calculate MSR values based on your costs and key assumptions.

MSR Hedging & Brokerage – Strategies include setup, assistance with trade decisions, and in-depth risk/return analysis.

Latest MSR News & Educational Articles


In this webinar, MQMR and MCT review operational and regulatory best practices, tips to avoid common MSR management mistakes, and current MSR pricing trends.

BSI Financial Services (BSI) has become the latest investor to join BAMCO, MCT’s new marketplace for co-issue loan sales. BAMCO brings co-issue transactions directly into MCT’s whole loan trading platform and improves price transparency by connecting unapproved sellers to live executions from potential buyers.

MCT announced the release of BAMCO, a new marketplace for co-issue loan sales. Co-issue loan sales, also known as flow-based mortgage servicing rights (MSR) sales, are a three-way transaction involving the sale of loans to one of the agencies with a simultaneous sale of the MSRs to a separate third party. BAMCO brings co-issue transactions directly into MCT’s whole loan trading platform and improves price transparency by connecting unapproved sellers to live executions from potential buyers.