Why MCT? Information on MSR Services & Interview with Bill Shirreffs

Why choose MCT for all of your MSR needs?

MCT has an abundance of clients in the MSR space, some of which have switched from other competitors, who have benefitted from its MSR services division. Below you will find an outline of the many benefits of working with MCT’s MSR team.

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The Strongest Software & Most Transparent Approach:

  • MCT provides MSR services and analytics to over 140 clients, of which 80 clients receive regular third party MSR portfolio valuations.
  • MCT is a leading broker of bulk MSR portfolios, and also operates its own MSR co-issue trading platform. Our analysts have continuous access to MSR market activity and information rendering our analysis very much in tune with the current MSR market.
  • Our approach is measured and representative of actual and observed “Fair Value” trends. We constantly monitor MSR market and economic trends that could have material and sequential impact on the MSR asset.
  • MCT has developed its own robust proprietary MSR valuation model, MSRlive!, that is efficient, transparent, and extremely user-friendly. MCT is continually enhancing MSRlive! and creating solutions that enhance MSR analytics and ongoing asset management.
  • MCT models and applications are completely secure and SOC II compliant.
  • MCT utilizes second-to-none technological innovations and extensive reporting capabilities. We are committed to the MSR space and continue to invest in our analysts and clients.

Experienced & Dedicated Leadership with a Deep Bench:

  • We are experienced MSR asset managers. Our analysts have over 12 years average experience managing and analyzing MSR portfolios.
  • Our analysts have in-depth experience with the entire MSR life cycle and apply their expertise, mortgage servicing fundamentals, and risk management to our MSR portfolios analysis. This expertise covers a wide range of MSR operations such as capital markets, mortgage servicing operations, risk management, finance, and many other mortgage-related fields.
  • Our analysts have experience analyzing a wide range of mortgage product types and many other non-residential mortgage products. Our experience includes some of the most complex mortgage products in existence.
  • Our leadership are seasoned MSR asset managers with extensive experience managing and trading multibillion dollar MSR asset portfolios.

Clients consistently tell us that MSRlive! is the most customizable, transparent, user-friendly, and intuitive portfolio management platform in the industry.

Bill Shirreffs

Senior Director, Head of MSR Services and Sales Operations, MCT

Video Interview with MCT’s Bill Shirreffs, Head of MSR Services and Sales Operations

We asked Bill Shirreffs why mortgage lenders should choose MCT for their MSR needs.

In this video, Mr. Shirreffs goes through key points about why MCT’s MSR team is the strongest choice and what clients have said about their MCT MSR experience.

Watch the video below to hear first hand what Mr. Shirreffs has to say about MCT’s MSR services.

Topics Include:

  • How does MSR Services provide clarity with assumptions being used in valuations?
  • How has MCT’s MSR technology continued to grow over the years?
  • What have clients had to say about their MCT MSR success?
  • What can we look forward to for MCT’s MSR services division?

“Over the past several years MCT has continued to invest in its MSR division, resulting in currently what is considered the most robust and comprehensive set of capital markets solutions in the industry.”
– Bill Shirreffs, Senior Director, Head of MSR Services and Sales Operations

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