Secondary Market Intelligence Software & Advisory Services

The Business Intelligence Group’s powerful secondary market analytics arms you with actionable data insights in real-time.

Lenders are empowered to understand the market, optimize their loan sales, and improve performance relative to their peers by utilizing the Business Intelligence Platform, the most comprehensive secondary market analytics tool on the market.


Business Intelligence Platform

Actionable Secondary Market Analytics Platform for Lenders

MCT’s Business Intelligence Platform is a secondary market intelligence software that aggregates proprietary mortgage pipeline and loan sale data from MCTlive! to provide strategic insights to MCT clients in the form of customizable reports and illustrative charts.

This platform also provides MCT clients with the opportunity to compare aspects of their secondary market data to their peers and to the MCT average.



Business Intelligence Platform: Benefits

MCT Business Intelligence aggregates mortgage pipeline and loan sale data from MCTlive!, the comprehensive capital markets software platform used by MCT staff and clients, to provide strategic insights to MCT clients.

As a service provider to over 315 mortgage banks, credit unions and depositories that do business with over 80 correspondent lenders, all agencies and all major mortgage technology platforms, we are uniquely equipped to provide comprehensive secondary market analytics to our clients.

Improve Loan Sale Pickup

Track and improve performance with illustrative charts and actionable insights.

Provide Expertise & Build Consensus Internally

Develop internal competence and increase decision-making autonomy.

Track Liquidity & Increase Market Volatility Dexterity

Determine hedgeable product, manage risk, and be prepared to react quickly.

Compare & Improve Performance Against Peers

See what you are missing out on and explore the potential of new strategies.

Business Intelligence Platform: Features


All locked, sold, and capital markets data is aggregated from the diverse MCT mortgage pipeline to give you a client-exclusive view of the following reports. All reports can be segmented and customized by Date, State, Program, Purpose, Rate, FICO, LTV, Loan Size, Peer Group and more!

Landing Page Dashboard

  • Quick Access Questions link directly to frequently used reports for ease of accessibility.

Locked Loan Reporting

  • Locked Volume, Daily Locks, Peer Average Rate Distribution, Top Programs, Program Breakdown, Purpose/Occupancy, Branch LO Detail, Average Daily Lock Term

Sold Loan Reporting

  • Investor Pricing by Rate, Program Breakdown by Date, Investor Rank Dashboard, Investor Volume, Investor Turn Times, Time in Hedge, Loan Characteristic Change, Pricing by Investor

Capital Markets Reporting

  • Rate Renegotiation Tool, Best Efforts to Mandatory Spread, Agency Versus Aggregator Comparison

Peer Group Benchmark Reporting

  • Detailed performance reporting compares your business to locked, sold, and capital markets data.

Please Note: This is not a complete list of all the platform reports and features.  New reports are being created from client input all the time!

Contact us today to get access to the most comprehensive secondary market intelligence software in the market.


Secondary Market Intelligence Illustrative Charts


The following charts are just some examples of the many functionalities and illustrative charts found within the Business Intelligence Secondary Market Analytics Platform. Find your high and low performing areas with potent visual animations.


“With 1 in 5 of all loans in the United States going through the MCT pipeline, clients obtain the visibility they need to interpret their performance and reach for greater profits. This Business Intelligence Platform is the most comprehensive secondary market analytics tool on the market.”

Bill Petersohn, Managing Director of Business Intelligence

Landing Page Dashboard

When you first open the platform, you will see the following comprehensive platform overview.

Locked Data

View every locked loan that has gone through the MCT pipeline.

Sold Data

View every committed loan that has gone through the MCT pipeline.

Capital Markets Data

Learn the preferences and behavior of investors in the market.

Contact us today to get your own personalized demonstration of the platform.


Other Secondary Market Intelligence Services & Expertise

From ad hoc engagements to customized reporting software, we have the industry data and expertise to help your business prosper in the secondary market. From assisting a diverse portfolio of lending clients, we know what works best, and what doesn’t.


Insights & Data to Empower Educated Decision Making

Access Secondary Mortgage Market Insights & Strategies

The Business Intelligence Group has developed a suite of services that help our clients make educated decisions to improve their business strategies.

  • Secondary Operations Audits and Advisory Services
    • When you become a MCT client, we make a detailed assessment of your business workflows compared to your peers to ensure that you are executing at optimal performance.
    • We will also review your mortgage technology platforms to ensure you are achieving a maximum return on investment.
  • iMarket Monthly Review – Also included is a static report delivered monthly which includes: Proprietary Loan Sale Best Execution Database, Investor Report Cards, Client Opportunity Curves

Leverage our unique industry experiences and analytics to improve your existing workflows and procedures. Eliminate leakage points with operational inefficiencies to achieve your business’s profitability potential.

MCT’s BI is truly amazing! We now have the clarity of Metrics we were not looking at before. It has redefined our sales, operations, and secondary goals. MCT BI allows for the realization that “if you measure it, it will improve!”.
E. H. "Sonny" Bringol Jr.

Chairman & President, Victorian Finance, LLC.

BI allows our company to understand changing market dynamics in real-time, helping us to make the right decisions no matter the environment.
Joseph F. Artuso, CFA

Vice President - Secondary Marketing Manager , Victorian Finance, LLC.

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Business Intelligence: Latest News & Educational Articles


Click to read the most recent MSR Market Update! – Mortgage rates and some rate indices have experienced a healthy recovery from their lows recorded at the end of February, closing the month of April with robust gains over their end of the year levels. Mortgage rates managed to end the month of April with an increase of about fifty-two (52) basis points, while float income rates have increased by an average of thirty (30) basis points since the end of March. MSR portfolio holders should expect a moderate value recovery in the range of two to six (2-6) basis points from the end of March. However, those increases will vary depending on portfolio vintages and other portfolio characteristics such as Agency and GNMA mix. The downrate risk and its potential impact on MSR values will persist as we navigate through 2024.

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT®), the de facto leader in innovative mortgage capital markets technology, announced today a decrease of 7.84% in mortgage lock volume compared to the previous month. This decline follows a brief uptick in volume at the beginning of the buying season, suggesting a continuing stalemate between limited housing supply and higher interest rates.

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT®), the de facto leader in innovative mortgage capital markets technology, announced today an increase of 6.78% in mortgage lock volume compared to the previous month. To gain comprehensive insights into the market dynamics, industry professionals and enthusiasts are invited to download the complete report.