MCT Industry Webinar:
Election Volatility Preparedness: Part 2

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In this Oct. 22nd webinar, MCT experts discussed the upcoming election volatility. With less than 20 days until election day, there are clear signs that this could possibly be the most-contentious U.S. presidential elections in decades.

With uncertainty on the horizon, MCT will continue to fortify client preparedness before, during, and after volatility with educational and timely content.

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The global COVID-19 pandemic introduces compounding factors into the 2020 election, such as vaccine progress and timing and fiscal stimulus hanging in the balance. There are some best practices that can be done in order to prepare for the possible market volatility as we draw closer to the election.

View the MCT Community webinar recording below or download the slidedeck. 

Election Volatility Webinar

About the Webinar: 

MCT’s Phil Rasori, Ben Itkin, Bill Petersohn, and Andrew Rhodes discussed the upcoming election and it’s effect to the market.

Webinar Topics:

  • How does an election year affect market volatility and businesses
  • Contextualizing the COVID-19 pandemic in an election year
  • Tips and precautionary measures to maximize profits in 2020
  • How to strategically brace for election drama and future volatility

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“Any election year has potential for volatility, but this year is unique due highly divided and emotional political environment, and possibility for the results and decision to be drug out. Due to that, we have provided some best practices to prepare for 2021 and beyond.”

Ben Itkin, Managing Director of Business Development, Mortgage Capital Trading

Webinar Presenters:

Phil Rasori, Chief Operating Officer at MCT

Mr. Rasori is a recognized thought-leader in capital markets operations within the mortgage banking community. His areas of expertise include complex financial modeling, computational dynamics, and linear programming for operational optimization. He developed the ground-breaking mortgage pipeline hedging algorithms that form the foundation of MCT’s HALO Program today. He has also pioneered several metrics that have become standard industry parlance, including “beta pull-through” factors. In addition to banking clients, Mr. Rasori has consulted with GSE agencies and the US Government on hedging best practices for community banks. Mr. Rasori has functionally led MCT operations since 2005 and ascended to his current role as COO in 2007.

Phil Rasori, Chief Operating Officer at MCT

Ben Itkin, Managing Director of Business Development at MCT

Mr. Itkin brings more than 17 years of mortgage and capital markets experience to MCT’s management team. He is highly regarded in the mortgage industry, holds deep knowledge in secondary marketing, loan pricing and pipeline hedging. He has been instrumental in expanding and working closely with MCT’s team of trading analysts to provide hands-on service to clients. Prior to MCT, Mr. Itkin was the SVP for BofA’s Negotiated Trade Desk for its correspondent lending channel. Before that, he was the First VP of Negotiated Trading for Countrywide Home Loans, where he also held the position of First VP of Bulk Trading for its correspondent lending business. Mr. Itkin was also a Senior Brand Manager in the warehouse lending unit at Indymac Bank.

Ben Itkin, Managing Director of Business Development at MCT

Andrew Rhodes, Director, Trading at MCT

Mr. Rhodes began his career with MCT in 2005 as the company’s first dedicated loan sale specialist. He initially created investor specific models to accurately produce market based mandatory pricing for all pricing aspects in MCT including rate sheet generation,  best executions, and fair market valuations. During the years following his hire, his role was redefined to include client pipeline risk management. Over the years he was able to grow with the company gaining skills and experience in multiple fields in secondary. He was soon after named as SVP of Trading. As a part of his daily operations he has been responsible for overseeing the risk management and loan sale execution for many of MCT’s clients. Outside of the daily operations, Mr. Rhodes has been instrumental in helping to roll out MCTlive’s BAM Platform among many of the other new initiatives at MCT.

Andrew Rhodes, Director, Trading at MCT