MCT Community Webinar: Controlling Your Healthcare Costs with Partial Self-Insuring

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Learn how MCT and other companies like you are experiencing success after implementing a partial self-insuring strategy.

The webinar will be moderated by Bill Petersohn, Managing Director of Business Intelligence, and features speaker Brian Husowitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Andus Health Benefits.


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Two years ago, MCT underwent this process with excellent results. Since then, several MCT clients have also succeeded in achieving greater control of their healthcare benefits. Join us on Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 at 10AM Pacific to learn how to achieve control, clarity, and reduced costs while providing top-tier healthcare for your company.

View the MCT Community webinar recording below or download the slidedeck. 

Andus Health Care Preview

Join Brian Husowitz, CEO & Founder of Andus Health Benefits and Bill Petersohn, Managing Director & Business Intelligence Lead of MCT, “lift up the hood” on this “Move to Mandatory of Healthcare” to illustrate how companies are increasing control and improving pricing through a custom benefits plan.

Webinar Topics:

  • What is partial self-insurance and how does it help improve control, clarity, and cost?
  • How is healthcare managed differently with companies that are already implementing this strategy?
  • What are the real-life results experienced by MCT and other clients?

Join our webinar to learn how about self-insuring to improve profitability! 

“Join us as we ‘lift up the hood’ on this ‘move to mandatory’ of healthcare to show how companies like you are already saving money with a partial self-insuring benefits structure.”

Bill Petersohn, Managing Director of Business Intelligence at Mortgage Capital Trading

About the Webinar Presenters:

Brian Husowitz, CEO & Founder at Andus Health Benefits

Brian spent over a decade as an accomplished benefits broker advising publicly traded and large privately held companies how to contain the cost of their health insurance programs. From that experience, Brian developed a deep understanding of the key components of a benefit plan, how to navigate insurance markets effectively, and how to utilize data to improve outcomes.

Sensing a significant void in the marketplace where small business owners were in a constant struggle to mitigate ever increasing costs, Brian left the broker world behind, took a leap of faith, and started Andus Health Benefits from an office in his basement.

Brian Husowitz, CEO & Founder at Andus Health Benefits

Bill Petersohn, Managing Director of Business Intelligence at MCT

Mr. Petersohn is a former director of GMAC Bank in the Bulk Acquisition Group where he was responsible for National Accounts and Bulk Sales and Operations. Mr. Petersohn has been directly responsible for developing and supporting several acquisition programs that include Assignments of Trade, Direct Trades, Bulk Purchases, Fannie Mae 3D – a joint effort between Fannie Mae and GMAC Bank, and a Conduit Acquisition strategy with Wall Street Investment Banks and REITS. Prior to GMAC, Mr. Petersohn spent eight years at GE Capital Mortgage Services as an IT auditor, due diligence coordinator and a servicing valuation analyst and servicing trader.

Mr. Petersohn is a graduate of Lehigh University where he earned a B.S. in Finance and Temple University where he earned his M.B.A.