MCT’s Jennifer Kennelly, CMB®, AMP, Named 2024 Mortgage Lending Women of Inspiration by NMP

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 13, 2024– Jennifer Kennelly, CMB®, AMP, Senior Director of Investor Services, has been honored as one of the Mortgage Lending Women of Inspiration for 2024 by National Mortgage Professional magazine. This prestigious recognition celebrates women who have made significant contributions to the mortgage lending industry through their groundbreaking achievements, innovative approaches, and inspirational leadership.

With a remarkable career spanning 25 years in the mortgage industry, Jennifer Kennelly has established herself as a trailblazer and a catalyst for positive change. Her extensive experience includes nearly two decades at Freddie Mac, where she excelled in various key roles across multiple business areas. From multiclass securitization to structured finance, bulk trading of flow and seasoned loans, and serving as an Account Executive for the nation’s top mortgage lenders, Ms. Kennelly’s expertise encompasses the full spectrum of mortgage lifecycle.

As a vital member of the Investor Services group at MCT, she offers services aimed at optimizing investor strategies, whether it’s advising on hedging pipeline risk, determining the most advantageous execution methods, or facilitating decisions on portfolio growth and management. Leveraging MCT’s innovative tools such as MCT Marketplace, co-issue executions, and a comprehensive suite of investor-focused products, Jennifer empowers investors in whole loans and MSRs to expand their portfolios and achieve their long-term objectives effectively. Her dedication to understanding investor requirements and leveraging cutting-edge technologies ensures that clients receive tailored solutions aligned with their unique needs and objectives.

When asked about her advice for women aspiring to leadership roles in mortgage lending, Ms. Kennelly emphasized the importance of continuous learning and gaining exposure to various facets of the business. “I highly recommend that you learn all aspects of the business,” she remarked. “The mortgage industry has many functions… Try to meet people in various roles and ask many questions to broaden your knowledge. It’s a win/win…you meet interesting people, and you learn something new.”

National Mortgage Professional recognizes women like Jennifer Kennelly not only as practitioners but also as fervent advocates for gender equality in the mortgage lending sector. Their unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers and amplifying women’s voices serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals and industry veterans alike.

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