MCT⭐Star Newsletter: August 2021, Issue 5


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MCT’s August 2021 Newsletter: Gain a Competitive Edge Over the Competition

A few months ago, we sat down with Alpha Mortgage to find out how MCT’s Hedge Advisory services and BAM Marketplace technology maximized the success of his loan sales.  “We started running the data in September and we have been seeing a 100-120 basis points improvement,” said Genesis Collins, Vice President of Capital Markets at Alpha Mortgage. Find out how BAM Marketplace changed how Alpha Mortgage and their trades. 

“BAM Marketplace is the only loan exchange where sellers can receive bids from unapproved buyers.”
– Curtis Richins, CEO and President, MCT

Press Release: HousingWire Announces Ian Miller as 2021 Marketing Leader

Mr. Miller brought MCT’s educational, high-touch approach to Hedge Advisory more broadly to the mortgage industry through the MCT Newsroom and Learning Center. Public MCT articles, webinars, whitepapers, and market analysis made complex secondary marketing concepts…Read more…

17th Annual Eastern Secondary Kicks Off In-Person Conference Season
In-person conferences are back! The most recent conference, the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida’s 17th Annual Eastern Secondary Market Conference and 67th Annual Convention, gave attendees… Read More…

How to Review & Optimize your Investor Set
One often-overlooked way to easily pick up 12+ basis points is through reviewing and optimizing your investor set. Reviewing and optimizing your investor set and pricing will increase profitability by … Read More…

Watch the New Hedge Advisory Video
MCT’s hedge advisory division pairs industry-leading experience with award-winning technology. Watch our short video to learn more about:… Watch Now…

Press Release: Natalie Arshakian Included in 2021 Powerful Women of Mortgage Banking
Over the past decade, MCT has been lucky enough to utilize Natalie’s expertise in locking, pricing, data analysis, team leadership, mentoring, pipeline building, internal process creation, risk management, and auditing. Read more…

Whitepapers & Webinars

MCT Whitepaper: How Your Loan Sale Process is Holding You Back
With the advent of open loan exchanges, there is overwhelming evidence that standard loan sales are leaving profits on the table for lenders in a myriad of ways. Read more…

MCT Whitepaper: Lock Desk Centralization 101
In this overview whitepaper, we’ll discuss what operational changes to staff, procedures, and technology will need to be made in order to establish a centralized lock desk for your business. Read more…

Upcoming Events & Conferences

We are excited to participate in upcoming in-person events and our sales team has been welcomed to engage in in-person meetings again on a voluntary basis!

Event Date Location Meet with Us
Lenders One Summit August 8 – August 11, 2021 Orlando, FL ★ Schedule a Meeting
CMBA Western Secondary August 24 – 26, 2021 Dana Point, CA ★ Schedule a Meeting
TMBA Annual August 29 – 31, 2021 Ft. Worth, TX ★ Schedule a Meeting
Schedule a meeting with us today. We would love to connect. Want to see other events industry events? Visit our event calendar!

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Did You Know?

Lenders Can Reduce Liquidity Constraints, Grow Investor Outlets, and Increase Loan Sale Profitability with BAM Marketplace

BAM Marketplace is the world’s first truly open loan exchange, where buyers can bid regardless of approval status, and sellers receive automated live pricing from every buyer on the platform.

Decrease your average approval times with buyers and gain an impressive pickup on committed loan volume by joining the vanguard of lenders reaping the competitive benefits of BAM Marketplace.

BAM Marketplace facilitates bids between unapproved counterparties using MCT’s patent-pending Security Spread Commitment.