MCT⭐Star Newsletter: April 2021, Issue 2


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In April, MCT University takes off in its second year

April marked the start of the second year of MCT University. This client-only series is created to provide lenders with the most cutting-edge secondary marketing education to increase expertise, efficiency, and profits. Let us know if you would like to learn more about MCT U!   

Client or not, MCT is in the mindset of helping you succeed and be profitable. Our Mortgage Profitability Calculator and 15 Strategies for Improving Profitability Whitepaper can help you determine how you can further improve your bottom line. MCT’s Business Intelligence Platform also offers a suite of reporting to see how your pricing, geographies, outlets, and more stack up to your peer group so you can identify new opportunities. You can find more information at the end of the newsletter.

The time consumption before and efficiency gains with MCT have been dramatic. It used to take 4-6 hours to go on an investor website and make commitments. With MCT’s Bid Auction Manager I can do it all in 15 minutes.
– Caleb Jeppsen, Vice President of
Secondary Marketing at Virginia Credit Union

Read the case study of Virginia Credit Union and how it added value to its members through MCT’s services.

Blog Post: How the Federal Reserve Affects Mortgage Interest Rates
In this article, we will discuss the structure of the Federal Reserve, how the Federal Reserve supports the economy, and how it influences the demand of the three monetary policy tools. Read more…

Press Release: MCT Dives Into Q2 With Two New Industry Leaders to Support Growth
MCT announced Mike Robertson and Justin Putz have joined the company in the roles of Senior Regional Sales Director and Midwest Regional Sales Director respectively. With over 45 years of experience. Read more…

Press Release: MCT’s Nancy Milligan Earns a Spot on the SDBJ 2021 Women in Technology Award List
MCT announced that the San Diego Business Journal (SDBJ) named MCT’s Senior Integrations Developer, Nancy Milligan, as one of San Diego’s Women of Influence in Technology 2021. Read more…

Whitepapers & Webinars

MCT U Webinar: MCTlive! Workshop Level 1
This MCT client-exclusive webinar is based on the MCTlive! Level 1 User Guide and provides a comprehensive overview of the platform. The webinar, featuring Kristen McCarthy of MCT’s Business Intelligence Team, analyzes how to manage your pipeline and reduce leakage using MCTlive! Learn more…

MCT U Webinar: Getting Started with Securitization
This MCT client-exclusive webinar discusses the basics of MBS Delivery and provides answers to frequently asked questions about securitization. The webinar, featuring Andrew Rhodes, VP of Trading, and Brett Sinnott, Product & Pricing Manager, reviews the benefits, process, and differences of securitization with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Ginnie Mae. Learn more…

Did You Know?

Proposed Capital Gains Tax Changes’ Impact on MSR

The recent proposed long-term capital gains tax increase, from 20% to 39.6% for individuals making over $1 million, will have a direct effect on the MSR market. Although, if passed, the increase will not take effect until 2022, we are urging our clients to review their positions and consider the impact of the benefit of holding a year and a day going away. Tax implications on a sale could potentially double.
We understand this change is in the proposal stage, but think it is prudent to review your positions now. MCT is not a tax professional. Please consult your accountant or tax firm for their guidance.
As a course of action, if you start to consider the impact of this change on your portfolio please contact us. MCT will help you sort out the impact, current value and assist in a course of action.

MCT provides summary tables of major characteristics as well as key risk factors in your MSR portfolio so you can make educated decisions on whether to release or retain.