MCT & Verity Webinar | Don’t Let Margin Compression Scare You

5 Ways Labor Outsourcing and Automation Will Help Your Profits Increase

This webinar has ended.

This Halloween-themed virtual event discussed strategies for leveraging outsourcing in all stages of the mortgage origination life cycle.

As the threat of margin compression looms large, many mortgage lenders are seeking new ways to prepare and maintain profits.

Learn how the new normal of remote working is resulting in a wave of mortgage lenders adopting the concept of a global team with powerful results.

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Declines in margins are attributable to two primary factors: Reduction of lending volumes due to rising mortgage interest rates and weakness in the relative pricing of agency mortgage-backed securities.

View the MCT and Verity webinar recording below or download the slidedeck.

MCT & Verity Webinar Collaboration

About the Webinar

In this webinar, Chris Anderson of MCT is joined by Verity’s CEO, Sam Mehta, to discuss labor optimization utilizing High Performance Activity (HPA) calculations, geographic workforce allocation, and utilizing technology for increased production.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Should I outsource mortgage operations?
  • What are the benefits of outsourcing?
  • What are the challenges of outsourcing?
  • What are the best parts of the mortgage origination cycle to outsource?

About the Webinar Presenters:

Chris Anderson, Chief Administrative Officer, MCT

Mr. Anderson joined MCT in 2012 as a Division Manager charged with organizing and building MCT’s newly formed Outsourced Lock Desk Division.  In 2013, after successfully growing the Lock Desk Division and establishing it as the industry standard for outsourced lock desk services, he was promoted to the Executive Management Team as Senior Vice President.  In late 2015, his increasing contributions to MCT were recognized when he was promoted to his current role as Chief Administrative Officer.  Mr. Anderson currently oversees MCT’s Lock Desk Division, IT & Programming Division, and Business Operations Division, which includes: Administrative Operations, Compliance, Human Resources, and Risk Management.

Sam Mehta, President of Verity Global Solutions

Verity Global Solutions is an outsourced solutions provider specializing in the mortgage industry that works with several of MCT’s clients. Verity Global Solutions is based out of San Antonio, TX with offices also in Mumbai, India and Pune, India, offering clients significant advantages of both a value price point and the utilization of different time zones to maximize productivity.

Operating entirely behind the scenes with no borrower contact, Verity’s mortgage experts significantly reduce our clients turn times and cost while enhancing loan quality by operating 24 hours a day in multiple shifts. The loan manufacturing process never stops!

Sam Mehta, President, Verity Global Solutions