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MCT Star November 2022: Being Thankful

Being thankful isn’t just about Thanksgiving and food. It’s about counting your blessings year-round and knowing that no matter how hard things get in the market or in your personal life, there are people here who will support you. We are thankful that we can be your trusted capital markets partner. 

We value our relationship with every one of our clients and want to do everything in our power to help you succeed. Please contact us today if you have any feedback or would like to schedule a discussion about current market strategies. 

MCTlive! Lock Volume Indices: September 2022 Rate Lock Data
MCT’s rate lock activity indices are based on actual locked loans, not applications, and are therefore a more accurate indication of industry lock activity than other potential stats. Especially in a tight purchase market, we firmly believe our methodology of using actual loans locked…Read more…

The MCT Review: Market Commentary Week of October 7, 2022
Interesting (read: disheartening) times in this rollercoaster of a bond market. There’s the highest volatility in at least five years, colossal bid-ask spreads, scant liquidity in coupons above par, falling bond prices that have banks sitting on their hands…Read more…

The MCT Review: Market Commentary Week of October 14, 2022
The lack of clarity in the high coupon MBS pricing makes it a difficult time out there for those trying to set rate sheets. A lot of loan scenarios are pricing below par as it has taken time for higher interest rates…Read more…

MCTlive! Lock Volume Indices: August 2022 Rate Lock Data
We are pleased to present to you the August MCTlive! Rate Lock Indices, a snapshot of rate lock volume activity in the residential mortgage industry. MCT’s rate lock activity indices are based on actual locked loans, not applications, and are therefore a more accurate indication…Read more…

Current Market Blog: Rate and Market Elasticity
There are both fears of a recession that high rates could bring, and anticipation of the potential easing of interest rates that a recession would bring. As the Fed raises interest rates, …Read more…

The MCT Review: Market Commentary Week of October 21, 2022
We are beginning to see the Fed’s policy moves take hold, with slowing productivity growth, marginal gains in labor force participation, and home builder sentiment continuing to drop as higher interest rate costs price out a large number of prospective buyers….Read more…

Case Study: Towne Mortgage Receives 150% More TBA Bids via Agile Technology
Towne Mortgage, a full-service lender with nearly 40 years of experience in the mortgage industry, found that their opportunities to trade with regional broker-dealers were becoming increasingly difficult to manage…Read more…

The MCT Review: Market Commentary Week of October 28, 2022
We still seem to be a ways off from the point an actual FOMC voter says “let’s wait and see” when it comes to hiking rates. Over the past 10 years, agency MBS spreads have averaged around 80 BPS…Read more…

Whitepapers & Webinars

Webinar: Taper Tantrum Two? Comparing 2013 to 2022 & What Lenders Can Do
In this webinar, MCT’s Phil Rasori, Justin Grant, and Andrew Rhodes compare 2013 to 2022 in terms of the deteriorating market, market liquidity in specific coupons, loan sale execution liquidity, and investor pricing performance…Read more…

Whitepaper: The Links Between MBS Markets and Loan Prices
In this whitepaper, we will explore the relationship between consumer loan pricing and capital market conditions, address common misconceptions, and illustrate the processes involved in generating consumer loan offerings and intermediate loan prices…Read more…

Webinar: QE to QT: Current Market Recommendations
In this webinar, MCT’s Phil Rasori, Andrew Rhodes, Justin Grant, and Paul Yarbrough discuss the three distinct market deteriorations over the course of this year, what to look for moving forward, and a set of recommendations to improve performance now …Read more…

Whitepaper: Non-Price Considerations in Your Best Execution Analysis, in collaboration with Freddie Mac
In this whitepaper, MCT teams up with Freddie Mac to identify unexpected costs associated with your loan sales to improve profitability. …Read more…

Upcoming Events & Conferences

Events and conferences are slowly making a comeback after two years of uncertainty. See where MCT is heading and schedule a meeting with us. We would love to catch up!

Event Date Location Meet with Us
IMN MSR Conference 11/14 – 11/15 New York, New York ★ Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a meeting with us today. We would love to connect. Want to see other events industry events? Visit our event calendar!

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Did You Know?

Another Reason to Be Thankful. 


We want to thank you for attending our cocktail reception and meeting up at the MBA Annual in Nashville, TN. We saw a record amount of people attending our event and that is another reason for being thankful.

We also had the chance to donate almost $10k to benefit the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association while we were in town. Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) is a disease of the peripheral nerves that control muscles that can cause progressive loss of function and sensation in the hands, arms, legs, and feet. If you want to donate as well, please head to this link and donate to help out those in need. 

At MCT, we are proud to support worthy causes, particularly those causes that are close to home for our team. We want to keep the memories of our team alive by donating to an organization to help others in need. We honor Dana and Bill’s memories by fundraising for cancer research and bringing light to the darkness of cancer.