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MCT Star June 2023 – Learning and Relearning 

It’s no secret that MCT’s core business is hedging. But how much do you really know about hedging? Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting into the business, it’s always good to refresh that knowledge. It’s a topic that has many different pieces tied together to make what we know as hedging. 

Learn from our secondary marketing experts how you can use hedging as a tactic to mitigate risk and optimize profitability when selling mortgage loans.

This whitepaper will review information on moving to mandatory, the strategy of hedging, the benefits of hedging, and how to determine if you are ready.

Articles & Press Releases

Update for the Current MSR Market
Mortgage rates and most indices remained volatile during April. However, mortgage rates managed to close the month at slightly higher than 4/30 levels, while float income rates increased by about 42 bps by 5/31. Mortgage production remained weak during May due to mortgage rate volatility and low real estate/housing inventories… Read more…

Celebrating MCT Team Member Anniversaries
The biggest reason MCT is your trusted capital markets partner is our people. Deep content expertise doesn’t form overnight, and we’re incredibly proud of our long-standing track record for cultivating, elevating, and honoring talent… Read more…

San Diego Metro Magazine Honors Miguel Nava-Tapia With Top 40 Under 40 Award
MCT is honored to announce that Miguel Nava-Tapia, Senior Manager of Data Integration Services, was awarded 40 Under 40 Award from San Diego Metro Magazine… Read More…

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Whitepapers & Webinars
MCT Webinar Recording & Slide Deck – Strategies to Improve Profitability in the Current Market
In this webinar, MCT’s Phil Rasori, Justin Grant, Andrew Rhodes, and Paul Yarbrough provided a current market overview and include actionable insights to improve profitability for lenders…Read more…
Upcoming Events & Conferences
We are excited that conference season is back. We are excited to meet with you at any of the conferences below.
Event Date Location Meet with Us
MBA of FL Eastern Secondary Market Conference June 21 – 22 Orlando, FL ★ Schedule a Meeting
CMBA Western Secondary August 21 – 23 Dana Point, FL ★ Schedule a Meeting
MBA Annual October 15 – 18 Philadelphia, PA ★ Schedule a Meeting
Keep an eye on the Event Calendar for more information. We hope to see you soon! 

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Did You Know?

There are different stages of the secondary market?

We have compiled all the educational materials we’ve created to support your growth and placed them into categories so you can read what you want at the level you need. We’ve here to support you when you are ready for the next step the growth of your secondary marketing. Do you dabble in best efforts loan sale? Or do you hedge autonomously? 

Further your knowledge by checking out our learning center. Where do you fall?