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MCT Star January 2023 – Happy New Year!

Navigating the dynamic terrain of capital markets demands leveraging every available resource for success. Embrace the transformative power of the MCT Marketplace, where liquidity takes center stage. This innovative platform acts as a conduit, uniting buyers and sellers in a distinctive digital auction, bypassing traditional counterparty approval barriers. 

“Given the advancement of MCT Marketplace technology, MCT brings incredible selling efficiencies and pricing resources to the industry. Mr. Cooper is excited to be a first adopter of MCT Marketplace and we look forward to working with our clients, MCT, and the agencies to further the expansion of co-issue sales.”

– Chris King, SVP of Business Development, Mr. Cooper

With our cutting-edge, patent-pending technology, sellers gain access to an extensive array of take-outs, while buyers seamlessly integrate into the largest seller community in the U.S. Harness the potential of MCT Marketplace to optimize your position in the evolving capital markets landscape
Articles & Press Releases

MScratch & Dent and Nonperforming Loan (NPL) Solutions
Even correspondent originators with the most seasoned operational staff and comprehensive manufacturing processes find themselves forced to deal with the occasional “broken loan”. Read more…

MCT is Ready to Assist with Your Q4 MSR Portfolio Valuation
With the continued volatility in the market, it has become increasingly important to obtain third party MSR valuations in order to make well-informed risk management decisions. The majority of our clients have increased their frequency and transitioned to quarterly reviews and in some cases monthly. Read more…

Monthly Mortgage Volume Decreases 10.7% in Latest MCT Indices Report
December’s MCT Indices Report shows a drop of 10.7% in mortgage lock volume in November compared to the previous month. Read More…

Update for the Current MSR Market
Mortgage rates and rate indices continued their sharp decline during the last three weeks of December, closing the year with the lowest levels the market has seen since March, 2023. Mortgage rates managed to end the month lower than 11/30/2023 levels by about 66 basis points. Read More…

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Whitepapers & Webinars
MCT Whitepaper: Optimizing Your Best Execution Loan Sale Analysis
In any market scenario, it is crucial for lenders to analyze best execution options to maximize profitability when selling loans in the secondary market. Read more…
Upcoming Events & Conferences
New year, new opportunities. We are gearing up for another year of meeting you at the various conferences. Let’s talk!
Event Date Location Meet with Us
MBA Independent Mortgage Banker January 22 – 24, 2024 New Orleans, LA ★ Schedule a Meeting
MBA Servicing Solutions Conference and Expo February 20 – 23, 2024 Orlando, FL ★ Schedule a Meeting
TMBA Southern Secondary February 26 – 27, 2024 Houston, TX ★ Schedule a Meeting
LendersOne Summit March 3 – 6, 2024 Los Angeles, CA ★ Schedule a Meeting
MCT Exchange March 21 – 23, 2024 San Diego, CA ★ Contact Us
Keep an eye on the Event Calendar for more information. We hope to see you soon! 

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Did You Know?

Are you utilizing the best practices for Margin Management?

This whitepaper provides an overview into the complexities of margin management within the dynamic mortgage lending landscape. Against the backdrop of evolving market dynamics, this paper elucidates the crucial role of recalibrated margin management strategies.