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MCT Star December 2022: It's beginning to look a lot like…

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or nothing, it's the time of year when the industry starts to slow down and we get to spend time with loved ones. We would like to thank you for being part of the MCT community and look forward to making the most out of the rest of 2022. 

As we close out the year, MCT is proud to launch BAMCO. BAMCO brings co-issue loan sale transactions directly into MCT’s whole loan trading platform, making the process of selling co-issue more convenient and transparent. Join MCT and Mr. Cooper on December 7th at 10am PT for an introductory webinar on BAMCO. 

MCTlive! Lock Volume Indices: October 2022 Rate Lock Data
MCT’s rate lock activity indices are based on actual locked loans, not applications, and are therefore a more accurate indication of industry lock activity than other potential stats. Especially in a tight purchase market, we firmly believe our methodology of using actual loans locked…Read more…

The MCT Review: Market Commentary Week of November 4, 2022
After a hawkish press conference by Fed Chair Powell, prevailing sentiment is now that the Fed is far from the point where it can lift its foot off the economic brake and declare victory over inflation…Read more…

Investor Services Got a Fresh New Update!
View our brand new Investor Services video aimed at showcasing all the latest features the software suite provides including BAM Marketplace, AutoBid, AutoAOT, and more! …Read more…

Introducing BAMCO: MCT's New Co-Issue Marketplace
We are excited to announce the release of BAMCO, a new marketplace for co-issue loan sales that brings co-issue transactions directly into MCT’s whole loan trading platform and improves price transparency by connecting unapproved sellers to live executions from potential buyers…Read more…

The MCT Review: Market Commentary Week of November 18, 2022
As we enter the holiday season, everyone in the mortgage industry has the same problems: lower volume, lower pricing and gain on sale margins. With less emphasis on growing volume…Read more…

Press Release: San Diego Business Journal Announces Natalie Martinez as Finalist for Business Women of the Year
MCT is proud to announce that Natalie Martinez, Manager of the MSR Services Department & Client Success, was selected as one of the finalists for San Diego Business Journal’s 2022 Business Women of the Year…Read more…

The MCT Review: Market Commentary Week of December 2, 2022
While the central bank is still preoccupied with trying to land the plane without cratering the runway, investors have become optimistic that they are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to rate hikes…Read more…

Whitepapers & Webinars

MCT & Freddie Mac Present: Ensuring Efficiency and Accuracy Through Integrations Podcast
How can you ensure efficiency and accuracy through technology integration? Listen to the Freddie Mac and MCT podcast as we talk technology integration and the importance…Read more…

MCT & Mr. Cooper Whitepaper: Getting Started with Co-Issue Transactions
In this whitepaper, we’ll review the basics of co-issue transactions, how to get started and how to easily incorporate this strategy in your plan to achieve your business objectives…Read more…

Upcoming Events & Conferences

Events and conferences are slowly making a comeback after two years of uncertainty. See where MCT is heading and schedule a meeting with us. We would love to catch up!

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Enjoy your holiday! December 2022 Everywhere ★ Send us a note
MCT Exchange March 2023 San Diego, CA ★ Connect with my Sales Director

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