Texas Women Mortgage Banker's (TWMB) Inaugural Event (Event Recap)

The Texas Women Mortgage Banker’s (TWMB) networking group’s inaugural event, hosted in conjunction with the 2019 TMBA Southern Secondary Conference, was reported to be a hugely successful event, one that marks the start of many more collaborative and engaging events for mortgage professionals in Texas.

MCT is proud to have been the sole sponsor of this first ever networking luncheon in the state of Texas.

At this two-hour collaborative networking session, attendees had the opportunity to impart professional wisdom and receive guidance from their peers. The meeting began with a panel of industry-leading speakers that were representative of all aspects of the mortgage banking industry and concluded with an open forum discussion where attendees could engage with each other in small groups about topics of interest.

About the TWMB’s Inception

In early November 2018, an idea was hatched to create a networking group specific to Texan women in mortgage banking. MCT’s Rhiannon Bolen, Regional Sales Director, played an instrumental role in envisioning and coordinating the event.

The TWMB website says this in regard to their purpose. “This is a networking group dedicated to the furtherment of women in the mortgage industry in the state of Texas. An off-shoot of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association – the TWMB strives to provide opportunities for women from all aspects of our industry to network, engage, learn and grow in their careers, and in life.”

“We are looking forward to building upon the success of our initial launch to continue to provide resources to women in the Texas Mortgage Industry through education and mentoring.” – Texas Women Mortgage Bankers Website

Engaging Themes at the TWMB Networking Luncheon

The TWMB’s inaugural networking luncheon received positive feedback from attendees who reported that they benefited greatly from the opportunity to engage and get some solid advice from their peers in the industry. The open format of the table discussions was particularly enjoyed by the attendees.

The popular luncheon, which had a capacity of 50, was attended by over 70 participants in varying roles in mortgage banking, from outside sales, operations, compliance, production, and more.

The two major themes of the event were “Identifying Your Career Path” and “Creating and Maintaining Work/Life Balance.” Participants engaged with their peers and the panel experts in discussions around these topics.

The next TWMB women’s event is in April. MCT looks forward to supporting future TWMB events.