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Ginnie Mae Field Guide – Part 1 & 2

Our latest whitepapers “Ginnie Mae Field Guide – Part 1 and 2,” we expect to alleviate nervousness surrounding the unique Ginnie Mae delivery method and jump-start your confidence on the subject matter.

Part 1 walks the reader through the GNMA approval process and Part 2 gives guidance on how to make the best of GNMA delivery resources while avoiding common mistakes.

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About the Whitepapers:

In these “cliff notes” of the Ginnie Manual, helpful hints are provided by an MCT expert that has had first-hand experience with the nuances of delivering with Ginnie Mae to help you understand these topics:


  • Challenges and benefits of Ginnie programs
  • Pre-requisites for obtaining Ginnie approval
  • Steps of the approval application process
  • Avoiding common mistakes in Ginnie delivery
  • Maximizing the use of GinnieNET, Ginnie Portal and Ginnie Manual

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With Ginnie, lenders can take on the risk for borrowers that may not be qualified to participate in most other lending programs.  This gives lenders more freedom to make more money, but also more opportunity for loss.

– Brett Sinnott, Product & Pricing Manager writing in Ginnie Mae Field Guide Part 1

About the Author:

Brett Sinnott, Product & Pricing Manager at MCT

Brett started his career in mortgage in 1997 at the age of 15 as an office assistant and remained with a singular company until moving to his current role at MCT Trading in mid-2019.  His background in all aspects of mortgage allowed him to be on the front lines of lender approvals for FNMA, FHLMC, and GNMA and he brings a philosophy of someone who is not an expert but has made all of the mistakes. 

In addition to agency approvals and over 20BB in GNMA production, Brett was involved with the creation, implementation, and relevancy of retail, wholesale, and correspondent lending channels as well as creating and maintaining warehouse, subservicing, and TBA dealer arrangements.   His previous roles also included involvement with operational, post-closing, accounting, and legal / compliance measures that are required by various lenders amongst the industry.  

Mr. Sinnott currently resides in the humble town of Big Pine in the mountains of California. Soon after retiring by age 37, he realized that he still had enough passion for the secondary market to lend his expertise to MCT. When he’s not at work, he spends his days with his horse Jazmin, Chony the pony, and three dogs, Fiona, Lucy, and Beauseph.

Brett Sinnott, Product & Pricing Manager