MCT Exchange 2016 Recap

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Some things change, some stay the same.

The December 2016 MCT Exchange was held at the beautiful Omni San Diego Hotel and we heard was the “cherry on top” of an amazing year for community growth and success.

This conference focused on connecting MCT® vendors with educational and networking opportunities. We showcased several notable keynote speakers on industry topics, current trends, and data analysis from the mortgage industry.

We would like to thank the featured speakers and thought leaders for their time and great contributions to the success of this event.

Watch our video of behind the scenes highlights from the December 2016 MCT Exchange.


Cultivating a Network of Success

By taking advantage of the tools and workshops that MCT offers, clients make informed decisions to grow their business through the power of knowledge.

The purpose of the recurring Exchange conferences is to nurture an environment where clients and vendor partners can meet, mingle, and form new relationships with each other to promote the growth of their businesses.

“Our clients help each other, they share information with each other, and they help each other become better companies.” – Curtis Richins, President of MCT

Renewing the Exchange in December 2016 at the Omni Hotel

This year’s exchanged enjoyed the new location at the Omni San Diego Hotel, as well as a newly added conference day dedicated exclusively to Vendor Partner education and relationship building.

You may be wondering “Why so much focus on Vendor Partners”? We found through our experiences that when strong relationships are built with well-informed 3rd party partners it will lead to better service and ultimately more long-term success for our clients.

The culture at MCT is to be transparent. We are not simply an intermediary service. We want to empower our clients to have direct access to thought leaders beyond the mortgage industry.


Friday Morning – General Sessions

These few presentations are only a small sampling of the many educational topics discussed during the conference. 

  • Opening Remarks and Introductions, MCT HighlightsCurtis Richins, President initiated the exchanged with his address of the state of the mortgage industry, the “new normal,” and the changes that MCT will be making to accommodate those changes.
  • Capital Markets Platform for Mortgage BankersPhil Rasori, MCT COO and Paul Yarborough discussed what it means to successfully manage pipelines, especially while facing post-election market volatility.
  • Top 10 Habits of Successful Mortgage Companies – Joe Garrett, Garrett, Macauley & Co shared his personal experience of the best tools for a mortgage company’s success.
  • CFPB and Dodd Frank Post Trump – Ari Karen of Offit Kerman discussed the future of mortgage banking regulations as it pertains to the Trump administration and the changing political climate.
  • Secondary Marketing/Investor Landscape: MCT Client Statistics & Business Intelligence – Justin Grant
  • Post-Election Market Volatility – Phil Rasori
  • The Demystification of Mortgage Servicing Rights – Phil Laren


Friday Afternoon – Breakout Session Workshops

Following the morning sessions, Friday afternoon transitioned to smaller groups for specialized discussions.

  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) of Your Operations  – Mark Wilson, CWDL CPA,
  • LOS Integration & Workflow – Jonathan Yosha of matchbox
  • Pipeline Management with MCT Pipeline ReportsBill Petersohn, MCT
  • MSRs – Enhanced Valuations, Tax Implications, and Financing – Phil Laren, MCT and David Bernard, Western Alliance Bank
  • Compliance Regulations: Tools & Trends to Stay Ahead – Laura Hopkins, VidVerify & Strategic Compliance Partners
  • Reaching the Millennial Homebuyer – National MI
  • Preparing and Selling to GNMA – Eric Fan & Multi-Bank Securities
  • Why Agency Approval Is More Important than Ever – Jennifer Whip, Garrett, McAuley & Co
  • LoanNEX – New Marketplace for Non-Agency Loans
  • Unison – Second Lien Product


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Growing Confidence with Education

When we connect MCT staff, clients, and vendor partners, we know that we will grow in our confidence, knowledge, and shared success within the industry. We look forward to growing our network with future Exchanges as these connections help our clients leverage new technologies, increase profitability, and find operational efficiencies.

Everyone comes to the Exchange to receive input from trusted information resources. But what they learn, is just how supportive the environment is for mutual success in the industry.

“We put in the effort to develop a resource center for our clients so they have a place to go for getting feedback, asking business questions, and finding solutions to issues that they are facing.” Curtis Richins, President of MCT

See you at the next MCT Exchange! Please speak with your MCT representative to learn more.


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