MCT Exchange 2017 Recap

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Every year, MCT® clients, vendor partners, and staff look forward to the Exchange for it’s contemporary style that sets it apart from other secondary market conferences. With it’s cutting-edge format, educational opportunities, and enjoyable networking venues, this year’s September 2017 Exchange was no exception.

This conference specifically focuses on re-connecting MCT clients, vendor partners, and staff to emphasize that the best way to bolster one another’s successes is to share industry knowledge and experiences. In this recap we have showcased several notable keynote speakers who presented on industry topics, current trends, and data analysis from the mortgage industry.

We would like to thank the featured speakers and thought leaders for their time and contributions to the success of this event.

MCT Exchange Sept. 2017 Recap Video

Watch as MCT staff, clients, and vendors explain their experiences at the September 2017 Exchange.

Cultivating a Network of Success

By taking advantage of the tools and workshops that MCT offers, clients make informed decisions to grow their business through the power of knowledge. The purpose of the annual Exchange conferences is to nurture an environment where clients and vendor partners can meet, mingle, and form new relationships with each other to promote the growth of their businesses.

“Our clients help each other, they share information with each other, and they help each other become better companies.” – Curtis Richins, President of MCT


Renewing the Exchange at the Omni Hotel in September 2017

This year’s exchanged enjoyed a return to the Omni San Diego Hotel, as well a repeat of a day dedicated exclusively to vendor partner education and relationship building. You may be wondering, “Why so much focus on vendor partners”?

We found through our experiences that when strong relationships are built with well-informed 3rd party partners it will lead to better service and ultimately more long-term success for our clients.

The culture at MCT is to be transparent. We are not simply an intermediary service. We want to empower our clients to have direct access to thought leaders in the mortgage industry and beyond.



Friday Afternoon – Breakout Session Workshops

These few presentations are only a small sampling of the many educational topics discussed during the conference. 

  • Advanced Hedging Tactics & Techniques – Bill Berliner, MCT – Learn different ways to use options as part of a hedging program; How to measure and hedge the interest-rate risk of ARMs.
  • KPI’s of Your Operations – Mark Wilson, CWDL CPA – What are KPIs? Why do we use KPIs? Where do we find our KPIs? Who is responsible for KPIs? In this workshop, learn about the 8 KPIs that companies track and KPIs for mortgage bankers.
  • CRM Software – Carol Burke & Laura Hopkins, Top of Mind – Learn how to market using customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • Non-Agency PPE – Eloise Schmitz, LoanNEX (joined by Caliber and Silvergate) – Learn how you can expand your volume potential and receive a LoanNEX product demo.
  • MSRs: Valuations, Tax, & Financing – Phil Laren, MCT and Steve Curley, Western Alliance – Improve your retained/ released decisioning process with cutting edge valuation tools with customized variables reflecting subservicer costs, taxes and financing opportunities.
  • How to Manage a Young & Diverse Workforce – National MI – Learn practical strategies to better understand the diverse workplace values and communication preferences of young and diverse employees and gain specific tactics for recruitment and retention.
  • Preparing and Selling to GNMA – Eric Fan, CCS Inc. & Multi-Bank Securities – Learn solutions for common challenges issuers face as it pertains to GNMA delivery including an overview of the loan securitization process and mortgage servicing control plan.
  • Evolution of Lending Technology – Chris Anderson, MCT, David Colwell, LendingQB, and Vince Furey, OpenClose – A panel discussion designed to give lenders tools to evaluate technology partners and avoid disruptive technology gaps while maintaining an efficient, compliant processes.

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Growing Confidence with Education

When we connect MCT staff, clients, and vendor partners, we know that we will grow in our confidence, knowledge, and shared success within the industry. We look forward to growing our network with future Exchanges as these connections help our clients leverage new technologies, increase profitability, and find operational efficiencies. Everyone comes to the Exchange to receive input from trusted information resources. But, what they learn is just how supportive the environment is for mutual success in the industry.

“We put in the effort to develop a resource center for our clients so they have a place to go for getting feedback, asking business questions, and finding solutions to issues that they are facing.” – Curtis Richins, President of MCT

See you at the next MCT Exchange! Please speak with your MCT representative to learn more.



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