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Welcome to Market Commentary!

This twice-daily synopsis offers an eagle-eye view of market changes, providing the most relevant information in a brief digest that saves you time while keeping you informed. Morning and Afternoon segments are sent during market hours to provide you with current data highlights with helpful context from MCT experts. On Friday afternoons the normal commentary is replaced with the Economic Newsletter, a longer weekly article accompanied with data visualizations exploring recent trends and the upcoming market forecast.

Enjoy live updates on stocks, treasuries, jobs, TBA MBS’, currency, current events, and much more.

Encapsulated Insights Direct from the Trading Floor

Each day our team of senior traders immerses themselves in the subtleties of exchanging TBA securities for MCT’s clients. As the hub of the Hedge Advisory division, these team members are on the front lines of market movement through real-time risk mitigation in the mortgage pipelines for which they are responsible.

These senior traders have a depth of experience to derive insights from live changes in the market, boasting hundreds of years cumulatively on the trading floor. Two times per day, Senior Trader Chris Competiello assembles the observations of the Hedge Advisory team to create what you know as the morning and afternoon Market Commentary from MCT.