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Supported Hedging and Mandatory Delivery

A lender that has moved from best-efforts to mandatory delivery and is conducting pipeline hedging with full-service vendor support. Key growth opportunities include moving to semi-autonomous hedging and/or best execution loan sales, implementing white-labeled rate sheets, and gaining agency approvals.

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Considerations for Internalizing Your Best Execution Loan Sales

In this post, we will explore the necessary considerations for lenders seeking to take ownership of their secondary market performance by internalizing their Best Execution Process (Best Ex).

Case Study:

Eustis Mortgage Upgrades Loan Sales Process with BAM

See how Eustis Mortgage’s loan sale process improved after using Bid Auction Manager (BAM). Review his before and after experience to illustrate the improvement of Timothy’s loan sales process from 15 day delivery to a 7 day delivery.


MCT Webinar: Fannie Mae Approval: the Process, Timing, & Advantages

How to gain Fannie Mae approval for your future growth and success. Tammy Trefny from Fannie Mae and Jennifer Whip from Cambridge One, LLC., will join MCT and outline the processes, timing, and advantages of having Fannie Mae approval.

Further Reading for Supported Hedging & Mandatory Delivery Growth Stage

Our white papers were written by MCT experts, vendor partners, and industry thought leaders. Ready to explore additional topics? View our complete list of whitepapers.

This whitepaper will review information on moving to mandatory, the strategy of hedging, and how to identify if it is the best option for an originator to use when selling on the secondary market.

View whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we’ll review the basics of co-issue transactions, how to get started and how to easily incorporate this strategy in your plan to achieve your business objectives.

View whitepaper

Especially in volatile markets, it’s good to have a finger on your pipeline and trade frequently. Our latest whitepaper outlines ways to gain more efficiencies over your TBA trading.

View whitepaper

MCT consistently hosts webinars designed to add value to clients and provide additional industry knowledge. View our complete list of webinars for additional topics.

In this webinar, MCT’s Phil Rasori, Justin Grant, and Andrew Rhodes explain how MCT is helping clients Bring BPS Back and improve profitability to counter market headwinds.

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In this webinar recording, MCT’s Phil Rasori, Justin Grant, and Andrew Rhodes will compare 2013 to 2022 in terms of the deteriorating market, market liquidity in specific coupons, loan sale execution liquidity, and investor pricing performance. They also share actionable recommendations to protect your business and pipeline.

View webinar

In this webinar, MCT’s Curtis Richins, Paul Yarbrough, and Ian Miller discuss the debut of its new Learning Center, a one-stop educational content database for each stage of growth of a mortgage lender in the secondary market.

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Learn how other mortgage lenders have improved their profitability and efficiency by implementing loan sale software solutions. Read here for all MCT case studies

In this case study, Mr. Collins describes how MCT’s BAM Marketplace enabled him to decrease his average approval times with buyers and achieve an impressive pickup on committed loan volume while delivering via mandatory executions.

View case study

In this case study, Mr. Cassetta describes how MCT’s Rapid Commit enables him to sell loans to Fannie Mae five times faster than his previous manual process. His use of the tool also helps Ruoff keep up with periods of increased volume like increases seen during the Spring of 2020.

View case study

In this case study, Mr. Danilowicz explains how MCT’s MSR team helped Doorway Home Loans successfully facilitated a $1 billion MSR Sale. He also describes how MCT was instrumental in providing critical guidance through the 2020 market uncertainty and volatility.

View case study

Enjoy these other articles for your growth stage. Click to view blog posts by MCT.

After six consecutive rate increases of 50 BPS or more, as expected, the Fed raised rates by 25 BPS today (Wednesday), lifting fed funds to a new target range of 4.5-4.75%. More importantly, the committee continued to promise “ongoing increases” in overnight borrowing costs as part of its ongoing and unresolved battle against inflation. By keeping the promise of future rate hikes, the Fed pushed back against investor expectations that it was ready to signal the end of the current tightening cycle.

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In Paul’s Tip of the Week, we look at the Client Profile tab in MCTlive!, which brings some basic information in an easily accessible spot within MCTlive!

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In Paul’s Tip of the Week, we look at how MCT completed the first integration to Fannie Mae’s new API for loan sale purchase advices.

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Built for Secondary Marketing by secondary marketing professionals, MCTlive! is a powerful platform available for day-to-day loan pipeline management, trade positions management, and loan sale best execution.

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An in-house rate sheet allows mortgage companies to target and maximize their margins and develop a consistent, positive experience with in-house product for their loan officers. Daily and monthly Mark-to-Market reporting engenders the transparency and control that mortgage companies need to be fully prepared for any market event.

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