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Best Efforts Loan Sales

A lender that is delivering primarily on a best-efforts basis and has not yet transitioned to pipeline hedging with mandatory execution. Key growth opportunities include implementing a pipeline hedging strategy and delivering safely on a mandatory basis to improve profitability.

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Introduction to Mandatory Loan Sale Delivery

In this post, we will provide an overview for implementing mandatory loan sale delivery and how mortgage bankers like Andrew Stringer at First Bank were able to capture a +52 bps pickup over best efforts.

Case Study:

First Bank Realizes Increased Profitability by Moving to Mandatory Loan Sales

Learn the details of how Andrew Stringer at First Bank leveraged MCTlive!, Bid Auction Manager (BAM), and Rapid Commit to improve loan sale pickup and operational efficiencies.


Moving to Mandatory Loan Sale Delivery Webinar

In this webinar, MCT discusses how lenders are leveraging mandatory loan sale delivery to improve profitability and manage risk with pipeline hedging and also operational changes needed to move from best efforts to mandatory loan sales.


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Further Reading for Best Efforts Loan Sales Growth Stage

Our white papers were written by MCT experts, vendor partners, and industry thought leaders. Ready to explore additional topics? View our complete list of whitepapers.

In this whitepaper, we will explain the main features and functionalities of BAM Marketplace, giving an in-detail comparison between the standard loan sale process and the upgraded workflow of an open loan exchange. We hope that this paper will effectively highlight the opportunity costs a lender offsets by utilizing this revolutionary secondary market technology.

View whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we will examine a credit union’s process flow to identify potential improvements in areas such as secondary marketing, technology, automation, and business processes. The strategies explored in this whitepaper amount to over 50 basis points of potential improvement to margins based on the experiences of Credit Unions who have put them to use.

View whitepaper

In this whitepaper, Freddie Mac teams up with Mortgage Capital Trading to expand on interest following her panel appearance during the MCT Exchange client conference in 2019. The focus of this whitepaper is to identify unexpected costs associated with your loan sales to improve profitability.

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MCT consistently hosts webinars designed to add value to clients and provide additional industry knowledge. View our complete list of webinars for additional topics.

On January 14, new limits on agency cash window deliveries were announced for implementation in 2022. Set at $1.5MM per agency, these limits would require lenders who anticipate exceeding these limits in a rolling previous four quarters to switch to MBS delivery. Complete the form to join us for a webinar discussing these changes on February 19th at 10AM PT.

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Since February 19, 2020 the mortgage market has essentially done nothing but rally. Until this week. The artificial drop in volume from the holidays combined with recent upward pressure on rates has many people wondering whether a “new normal” is knocking on the door.

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Join us for a webinar on Fannie Mae approvals as we go through the process, timing, and advantages so you can have a smooth approval process for your business.

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Learn how other mortgage lenders have improved their profitability and efficiency by implementing loan sale software solutions. Read here for all MCT case studies

In this case study, Mr. Danilowicz explains how MCT’s MSR team helped Doorway Home Loans successfully facilitated a $1 billion MSR Sale. He also describes how MCT was instrumental in providing critical guidance through the 2020 market uncertainty and volatility.

View case study

In this case study, Mr. Jeppsen explains how MCT’s blend of industry knowledge, customer service, and award-winning software helped him achieve this goal. He also leveraged functionality in Bid Auction Manager, Rapid Commit and the InvestorMatic Program to add hours of efficiency each week.

View case study

In this case study, Mrs. Mohr describes how MCTlive!, BAM, and bid tape AOT have enabled her team to realize time savings and efficiency gains along with improved margins.

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Enjoy these other articles for your growth stage. Click to view blog posts by MCT.

In this article, we will discuss how to quantify where to deliver your production, the process for auditing your investor base, and how to optimize your investor set.

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In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation for how mortgage prices are determined, reviewing all the factors that influence mortgage lenders’ pricing decisions in the secondary mortgage market.

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In this article, we will discuss the role of a broker versus banker and how a secondary market professional can make the transition from broker to banker most successfully.

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Recommended Software:

MCT’s LockCentral is available to best efforts clients making the move to hedging or clients already hedging and delivering mandatory. Increase productivity, improve data integrity, and gain full control over lock management.

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Built for Secondary Marketing by secondary marketing professionals, MCTlive! is a powerful platform available for day-to-day loan pipeline management, trade positions management, and loan sale best execution.

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