MCT Exchange 2022 Recap: Reunited & Growing as a Community

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MCT Exchange Overview, Recap Video & Live! Stream Recording

After waiting patiently for three years, we were finally able to welcome back both familiar and new faces to MCT Exchange at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego March 3-5. This year’s Exchange was especially significant as it also marked the 20th anniversary of MCT. In addition to the celebration, attendees were treated to networking events and educational sessions.

Watch the Recap Video from MCT Exchange 2022

Tune in to hear perspectives from attendees and to better understand our mission for the future. This video includes highlights from the conference, interviews from attendees, and snapshots of what’s to come in 2022!

View MCT Exchange Live! Stream Recordings

Visit our livestream page showcasing all main stage presentations with over 6 hours of educational content on capital markets from MCT Exchange. Grab some popcorn or a bloody mary and watch the show!

View the MCT Exchange 2022 Photo Gallery

Visit the MCT Exchange photo gallery where you can relive many of the conference interactions and belly laughs that took place during the conference. The meetings were buzzing from excitement after finally getting back to in person events!

Thursday – Introduction, Speakers, and Breakout Sessions

20 Years of MCT: An Introduction from Curtis Richins

MCT Exchange kicked off with an address from our CEO, Curtis Richins, who outlined the importance of the conference to MCT, what attendees could expect from the breakout sessions/networking events, and the pride MCT takes in being “your trusted capital markets partner.” The room was filled with anticipation as to what the weekend would present and full of excitement as the conference was finally kicking off after a three-year hiatus.

“Every day we’re motivated try to deliver value by leveraging our deep subject expertise rooted in capital markets and our commitment to personalized client service.” – Curtis Richins, CEO

Mr. Richins reminisced back to the first conference that was held 10 years ago that had 12 lender attendees and reflected on how grateful he was to see the large number of attendees before him this year, a large congregation of individuals eager to learn and connect with fellow colleagues. He then addressed MCT employees directly, sharing how grateful he is to see the growth in this company and his purpose as CEO. He finished by addressing noteworthy moments in MCT history, landing most recently on Agile Trading Technologies, which is now the preferred way to quote MBS.

View Presentation Slide Deck: MCT Exchange Day 1 General Session

Vision for the Future, Next Steps for MSR Market, & Recommendations

The first panel of Exchange quickly followed, with attendees settling in for one of many poignant topics at the conference: Our Vision for the Future of Secondary Marketing. 2022 has gotten off to a volatile start, so it’s never a bad idea to look toward what the future holds. From BAM Marketplace to MSRlive!, MCT has always been a leader in bringing the latest secondary innovations to market. During this panel, Phil Rasori, Justin Grant, Andrew Rhodes, and Paul Yarbrough discussed the latest and upcoming developments in MCT technology, the influence of digitization, API integrations, automation, and pricing granularity as the secondary market continues to evolve.

The second panel was on one of the benefits of rising mortgage rates: the natural hedge MSR values provide. David Burruss and Azad Rafat dove deep into the next steps for the MSR market as well as provided insights on servicing valuation and modeling.

Finally, we were delighted to have Rob Chrisman as our last morning speaker on the first day of Exchange this year. He truly brought his unique insight of the industry from both a primary and secondary marketing perspective to deliver recommendations and priorities for lenders in accordance with the most recent movements in the bond market. 


View Presentation Slide Decks:

Next Steps for the MSR Market PowerPoint Slides

MSR Grids and EBX PowerPoint Slides

“TBA trading for most of you has disappeared. It’s a fact, it is a superior way of doing business. You have two hands, you can call two phones, that’s two dealers tops, versus an electronic exchange, an electronic platform. The amount is astronomical in comparison.” 

Phil Rasori

Chief Operating Officer

Breakout Sessions: Intelligent Automation, Diversity, Mitigating Margin Compression and More!

Following lunch, attendees split up into breakout sessions to interact with one another on problem solving and critical thinking activities for the rest of the afternoon. There were four different breakout sessions for attendees to choose from in each of the three rounds.

Options for the first round included an overview of MCTlive! features and functionality with Kristen McCarthy, tips for growing MSR Portfolios from birth to maturity with David BurrussIntelligent Automation with Chris Anderson, and Mitigating Margin Compression through Strategic Outsourcing with Verity & Mutual MCT/Verity Client.

The second of three breakout sessions included choices of a deep dive on MCTlive! 2021 enhancements with Paul Yarbrough, advanced MSR portfolio management within MSRlive! with Azad Rafat and David Burruss, internalizing your best execution loan sales with Sam Farmer and Ron Happell, and advanced hedging strategies with Bill Berliner and Andrew Rhodes.

The third and final breakout session of Exchange included four more options for attendees. Prioritizing new geographies and programs based on peer data (using the BI Platform) with Kristen McCarthy and Drew Petersohn, leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage with NAAMBA’s Tony Thompson, internalizing your TBA trading with Sam Farmer and Andrew Rhodes, and an Agency Q&A session with Bill Sheriffs.


View Breakout Session Slide Deck:

Sam Mehta, Verity Global Solutions PowerPoint

Thursday Night – Horton Grand Cocktail Party

Thursday night after a long day of conferencing, attendees trickled into the Horton Grand Hotel in historic downtown San Diego for entertainment, drinks, and dinner. Reminiscent of old New Orleans architecture, the courtyard space, filled with grand pianos and ice sculptures, made for a classy and celebratory evening. 

Dueling pianos created a lively and entertaining atmosphere

A memorable welcome speech by Curtis Richins

A balloon drop to celebrate the festivities

The photo booth was a huge hit

MCT Exchange 2022: Introduction to New Event App

To get ready for MCT Exchange in person and remotely, we provided a full online platform for attendees to interact and engage together.

In the mobile app, you could:

  • View in-depth MCT Exchange agenda
  • Connect with old and new friends
  • Write a message on wall
  • Ask any questions you may have
  • Join in game and win prizes
  • Visit our sponsors’ virtual booths
  • And more!

As the leader in secondary marketing technology, our mobile app was built to further connect and share ideas with peers attending the conference looking to improve profitability and efficiency of their organization.

Photos from the MCT Exchange App Wall

Play and Win – Interactive Fun at MCT Exchange!

One key element of MCT Exchange that made a lasting impression was the game feature on the app. During the conference, attendees could play a game consisting of trivia questions and challenges for a chance to win big prizes. Completed challenges were posted on the wall feature in the MCT Exchange App for all to view, like, and comment on.

Challenges ranged from “Do 10 pushups with a partner for 100 points” to “Draw the MCT Exchange logo by hand for 100 points”. Other ways to win included posting a photo of your pet or simply with another attendee. Everyone had fun utilizing the wall feature to post pictures of themselves enjoying the event with other attendees regardless of the points. 

There was a four-way tie for first place. Congrats to Brett Vargo, David Boswell, Daron Nowak, and Mike Wilson for winning!

MCT Exchange: Friday General Sessions, Roundtables & Cocktail Party

Friday morning started with a Bloody Mary bar and filling breakfast to get attendees energized and ready for day two of the conference. We had some last minute attendees join and the mood was bright and cheery as everyone geared up for the keynote address and the rest of the activities.

Keynote Address with Chris George, CMG Financial

Our keynote speaker this year was CMG Financial Founder, President and CEO, Chris George. CMG is a privately held mortgage bank headquartered in California, and conducting business in all 50 states. CMG has over 2000 employees and recorded a volume of over $25 billion in 2020. Mr. George spoke about the current state of the market and what he expects for the remainder of 2022.

A dignified Mr. George stood at the podium and spoke on the importance of hard work, humility, and time, amongst other pertinent topics. The whole room was engrossed as each sentence was more impressive and inspirational than the last.  Attendees were inspired by the personal details George gave to the group about his own individual hardships. He received a well-deserved standing ovation at the conclusion of the speech.


View Presentation Slide Deck:

MCT Exchange Day 2 – Main Stage Friday March 4th

“I’ve always said I’m the dumbest guy in the room. Why? It allows me to ask all the questions that everyone else is afraid to ask. I know more because I ask those questions. What are you doing to invest in yourself? Both physically and mentally, what are you doing to better yourself? Are you attending events like these? Where you can network and learn from others?”

Chris George

CMG Financial

Originations in the Pandemic Era: MCT Clients Panel with Chris Anderson

The past couple years have been some of the best in mortgage banking industry, and in this session, Chris Anderson moderated a panel of MCT clients on their experiences originating and selling loans in the pandemic area. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Anderson, he has one of the best personalities in mortgage banking and this definitely showed as he facilitated this exuberant panel discussion. 

Lender Peer Group Round Tables 1 and 2

There were two peer group roundtable sessions, where clients were paired with other clients relevant to their business for a discussion on the best ways to approach the current market, comparisons on everything from product mix of originations to the best outlets on the secondary market, and more.


Friday Night – After Party at the Hard Rock

Friday night felt like a huge success for all that were there, attendees, partners, and staff alike as everyone congregated in the 207 bar of the Hard Rock Hotel. Popular music, chatter, and laughs filled the air as attendees took photos at the photo booth, snacked on sliders, and enjoyed the cool evening outside. The energy in the room was jovial as topics shifted from favorite aspects of the conference, congratulations to certain individuals, banter as people caught up with old friends, and exciting personal plans some had in the coming year. 

The 20 year anniversary MCT Exchange was a huge success. Coupled with the fact that we all could be together once again after a brief hiatus, created a much needed celebration. We were so thrilled and appreciative to all who attended and to see the enjoyment on attendees’ faces. It is truly our mission to serve to the best of our ability and to provide an educational, helpful, and friendly environment on top of our services, to clients, partners, and colleagues alike. 

We hope to see you next year at the MCT Exchange! 

Attendees try on some MCT exclusive merch

Everyone enjoying the after party

Spring rolls and other delicious appetizers served

President, Curtis Richins and others enjoying a laugh

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