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Autonomous Hedging and Loan Sales

A lender that has fully internalized hedging and best execution loan sales, whether with proprietary or licensed technology. Key growth opportunities include implementing a mortgage securitization process, launching a correspondent channel, or implementing a more advanced servicing retention and valuation strategy.

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Best Execution Analysis in the Secondary Mortgage Market

In this article, we’ll explain the key concepts related to best execution analysis and discuss how sellers in the secondary mortgage market achieve the best price for their loans when selling them to agencies or aggregators.

Case Study:

OnQ Financial Launches Correspondent Channel with BAM Marketplace

On Q Financial, which is leveraging MCT’s, newly-released BAM Marketplace loan exchange to launch and grow its correspondent channel. On Q Financial also utilizes MCT’s Security Spread Commitment and MCT AutoBid technology which has helped to give buyers on the platform unparalleled access to new sellers.


MCT & Freddie Mac Webinar | Selling Guarantor: Ensuring a Successful Transition

In this webinar, we’ll explore the preparation required for Guarantor pricing analysis, operations and systems readiness, and the contracting and delivery processes. We’ll provide attendees with tools and resources to understand the steps required for a successful and profitable Guarantor execution.


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Further Reading for Autonomous Hedging & Loan Sales Growth Stage

Our white papers were written by MCT experts, vendor partners, and industry thought leaders. Ready to explore additional topics? View our complete list of whitepapers.

In this whitepaper, Freddie Mac teams up with Mortgage Capital Trading to expand on interest following her panel appearance during the MCT Exchange client conference in 2019. The focus of this whitepaper is to identify unexpected costs associated with your loan sales to improve profitability.

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In this timely announcement from MCT’s MSR Services division, we will review the assumptions related to MSR valuations utilized in the second quarter of 2020, and contrast that to the assumptions of the first quarter, as detailed in our Q1 2020 memo.

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With “Ginnie Field Guides – Parts 1 and 2,” we hope to alleviate some of the nervousness surrounding this unique delivery method and to jump-start your confidence on the subject matter. In these “cliff notes” of the Ginnie Manual, helpful hints are provided by an MCT expert that has had first-hand experience with the nuances of delivering with Ginnie Mae.

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MCT consistently hosts webinars designed to add value to clients and provide additional industry knowledge. View our complete list of webinars for additional topics.

In our upcoming webinar, MCT’s Phil Rasori, Justin Grant, and Andrew Rhodes will explain how to effectively counter market headwinds in 2022 and implement a winning best execution loan sale strategy for the future.

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In this webinar recording, MCT’s Phil Rasori, Justin Grant, and Andrew Rhodes will compare 2013 to 2022 in terms of the deteriorating market, market liquidity in specific coupons, loan sale execution liquidity, and investor pricing performance. They also share actionable recommendations to protect your business and pipeline.

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In this webinar, MCT’s COO, Phil Rasori, will team up with MBA’s Chief Economist, Mike Fratantoni, to discuss how lenders can stay on top of changing market cycles in 2022.

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Learn how other mortgage lenders have improved their profitability and efficiency by implementing loan sale software solutions. Read here for all MCT case studies

In this case study, MCT sits down with John Collins to hear how the Rapid Commit integration has added efficiency to their loan selling process. Rapid Commit has also reduced the element of human error in putting together the commitments, saving them time, money, and headaches.

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In this case study, On Q Financial’s VP of Margin Management, Angela Wooldridge, documents how the company used MCT’s newly-released BAM Marketplace loan exchange to launch and grow its correspondent channel. On Q also utilizes MCT’s Security Spread Commitment and AutoBid technology which has helped to give buyers on the platform unparalleled access to new sellers.

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In this case study, Mr. Danilowicz explains how MCT’s MSR team helped Doorway Home Loans successfully facilitated a $1 billion MSR Sale. He also describes how MCT was instrumental in providing critical guidance through the 2020 market uncertainty and volatility.

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Enjoy these other articles for your growth stage. Click to view blog posts by MCT.

MCT® was announced as a 2022 HousingWire Tech100 Mortgage Winner. The Tech100 Mortgage Award recognized the most innovative and impactful technology companies serving the mortgage industry and forever changing the home sales process.

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In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation for how mortgage prices are determined, reviewing all the factors that influence mortgage lenders’ pricing decisions in the secondary mortgage market.

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With the first quarter over in 2021, the market for MSR sales is beginning to shift. Take a look below and review our Top 5 Takeaways for Bulk MSR Market.

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Whether you are making the move to mandatory executions or seeking improvements to your mortgage pipeline management process – MCT’s Hedge Advisory blends technology and service to achieve your goals.

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Built for Secondary Marketing by secondary marketing professionals, MCTlive! is a powerful platform available for day-to-day loan pipeline management, trade positions management, and loan sale best execution.

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