Late Lunch with Rob Chrisman
Live Stream from MCT Exchange 2018

Late Lunch with Rob Chrisman was streamed live on December 7th from the MCT Exchange in San Diego, CA. View the recording and recap below to learn from Rob Chrisman and his highly experienced panelists as they discuss margin compression, loan officer (LO) management and their outlook for 2019.

How are you responding to the industry wide margin compression?

Recruiting, supporting, and motivating loan officers is a top priority for mortgage companies. Operational improvements and cost reduction are also top priorities for surviving in the current market.

What is your approach to loan officer management in the current market?

Recruiting experienced LO’s, training them to be successful, and supporting them with helpful tools are vital in the current market. Some companies have also found success sharing LO production levels to create a more competitive environment.

How will you beat margin compression in 2019?

Competition is causing a lot of LO’s to exit the industry, leaving room for others. There are also opportunities for recruiting strong talent from competition for those who are looking to grow. Other potential strategies include leveraging a higher loan limit and capitalizing on Fannie Mae’s stricter eligibility requirements.

Late Lunch with Rob Chrisman featured the following panelists…

Phil Rasori

Mortgage Capital Trading

Todd Pierson

The Mortgage Firm

Sonny Bringol

Victorian Finance

Leo Dunn

Bay Capital

About the Host: Rob Chrisman

Rob Chrisman began his career in mortgage banking – primarily capital markets – 33 years ago in 1985 with First California Mortgage. He is on the board of directors of Inheritance Funding Corporation, a financial services company which advances capital to heirs, of Doorway Home Loans, of AXIS Appraisal Management, and of the California MBA. He is also a member of the Secure Settlements Advisory Board, an associate of the STRATMOR Group, and of the Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas and its membership committee. Rob has provided expert witness services for mortgage and real estate-related cases, has lectured to groups around the country.

Rob Chrisman


The MCT Exchange annual conference is a secondary market conference hosted by MCT with the intention of sharing our educational and human resources with our vendor partners and clients to help them be successful all year round. This year’s conference featured many exciting and educational events, including Late Lunch with Rob Chrisman. 

Learn more about how our annual MCT Exchange is furthering our commitment to providing value in our MCT Exchange 2018 Recap. 

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