API’s & Software Integrations: Automating Data Transfer Since 2012

In order to effectively facilitate billions of dollars in transactions quickly and accurately, MCT’s flagship software platforms leverage robust Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) as well as an array of software integrations. These tools allow approved third-party systems to share data with MCTlive!, BAM, and MSRlive! in real-time, which supports automation, improves reporting, and eliminates the inconvenience and errors associated with manual data entry.

Since its official launch in 2017, BAM has been the industry’s only API for digital whole loan trading.

Read about the current developments and long history of MCT’s API and integrations below. Contact us to learn more about getting connected.

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Latest API Developments

Related Releases for the MCT API & Integrations

Read related blog posts and press releases related over the past few years. Creating systems that work with minimal data entry using robust API’s has been pivotal in the development and adoption of MCT software. Learn more specifics in these articles.

MCT Announces Bid Pricing on Open Pipelines in Collaboration with Leading Investors

Lenders using MCT’s loan pipeline management software, MCTlive!, received bid tape pricing at the loan level on their open pipeline in year-end mark-to-market reports, a major improvement over the rate sheet and direct trade pricing typically used for this purpose and the first step in addressing a recent crisis in derivative asset pipeline valuation.

MCT Moves to Secure Sensitive Borrower Data Exposed in 90 Percent of Secondary Market Transactions

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Nov. 7, 2018 – MCT announced that it is incorporating the company’s patent-pending geocoding technology into its Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) whole loan trading platform in order to shield borrower addresses from being shared with non-buying entities throughout the whole loan bidding process.

MCT Adds Investors to Bid Tape AOT Tri-Party Agreement Automation in its Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) Platform

SAN DIEGO, Calif, Oct. 5, 2018 – MCT announced that new investor bid tape assignment-of-trade (AOT) loan sale executions are now available for sellers using its Bid Auction Manager (BAM) whole loan trading platform.

MCT Integrates its MCTlive!™ Secondary Marketing Software with Freddie Mac for Automated Loan Sale Pricing & Commitment

SAN DIEGO, Calif, August 17, 2018 – MCT announces new functionality that delivers real-time pricing and automates loan committing for Freddie Mac clients. MCT’s lender clients receive the pricing information seamlessly via its integrated capital markets technology platform, MCTlive! MCT is the first vendor to have successfully completed the first commitment via Freddie Mac’s new API technology.

MCT’s Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) Technology Automates Tri-Party Agreement for Investors’ Bid Tape AOT Loan Sale Executions

SAN DIEGO, Calif, Aug. 3, 2018 – MCT announced automation of the Tri-Party Agreement required between lenders, investors, and broker-dealers during Assignment Of Trade (AOT) transactions in the secondary market. The functionality is built into MCT’s Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) to improve efficiency for what is expected to be a game-changing new delivery option for the secondary market.

LendingQB Integration with MCT Bid Auction Manager Improves Secondary Marketing Processes for Mutual Clients

COSTA MESA and SAN DIEGO, California, May 21, 2018 — LendingQB and Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT) announced today an integration between the LendingQB loan origination platform and the new Bid Auction Manager (BAM) technology within the MCTlive! secondary marketing software platform. Combining the two systems enables mortgage lenders to utilize a pure digital ‘closed loop’ secondary marketing process, drastically reducing time and cost while improving loan sale profitability.

MCT Integrates its MCTlive!™ Secondary Marketing Software with Fannie Mae’s Pricing & Execution – Whole Loan® Application

SAN DIEGO, Calif, Nov. 7, 2017 – Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT) announced the release of new online functionality that automates the process of product selection and delivery of loan commitments directly to Fannie Mae for MCT’s lender clients. The new solution is called Rapid Commit™ and resides within MCT’s award-winning secondary marketing platform, MCTlive!™.

MCT’s Bid Auction Manager™ Technology Achieves 100 Percent Investor Adoption

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Oct. 16, 2017 – Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT) announced that it has gained unprecedented industry-wide technology adoption among the investor aggregator community. MCT officially unveiled the Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) within its capital markets software platform, MCTlive!, in July of this year.

Lenders and whole loan buyers save hundreds of hours previously spent on manually transmitting bid tapes thanks to BAM API’s. These efficiency gains are accentuated when leveraging new loan execution options such as bid tape AOT.

Phil Rasori
COO & Creator of MCTlive!

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