MCT Integrates with the Fannie Mae Connect Whole Loan Purchase Advice Seller API

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Mar. 11, 2022 – MCT’s award-winning capital markets platform, MCTlive!, is now integrated with the Fannie Mae Connect™ Whole Loan Purchase Advice Seller API. This API connection allows MCT Mark-to-Market and Hedge Accounting Reports to be updated with Fannie Mae purchase data instantly, instead of waiting to run reports through a Loan Origination System (LOS). The integration also allows MCTlive’s Loan Commitment Tracker to automatically draw down outstanding commitments as loans are purchased by Fannie Mae.

“We thank Fannie Mae for again providing leadership in API system to system communication in capital markets. As the largest purchaser of whole loans in the MCT lender client base, integrating to the Fannie Mae Connect Whole Loan Purchase Advice Seller API completes a large step in MCT’s roadmap for automating and independently verifying performance reporting” said Phil Rasori, COO of MCT. “By removing manual data entry into the LOS the connection to this API will provide more accurate and timely ‘Held For Sale’ reporting.”

MCT is in the process of working with many whole loan buyers to automate the delivery of their purchase advices into MCTlive! MCT can be contacted to start the process of automating purchase advices for whole loan buyers or sellers.


About MCT:
Founded in 2001, Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT) has grown from a boutique mortgage pipeline hedging firm into the industry’s leading provider of fully-integrated capital markets services and technology. MCT offers an array of best-in-class services and software covering mortgage pipeline hedging, best execution loan sales, outsourced lock desk solutions, MSR portfolio valuations, business intelligence analytics, mark to market services, and an award-winning comprehensive capital markets software platform called MCTlive! MCT supports independent mortgage bankers, depositories, credit unions, warehouse lenders, and correspondent investors of all sizes. Headquartered in San Diego, California, MCT also has offices in Philadelphia, Santa Rosa, Los Angeles and Dallas. MCT is well known for its team of capital markets experts and senior traders who continue to provide the boutique-style hands-on engagement clients love. For more information, visit or call (619) 543-5111.

Media Contact:
Ian Miller
Chief Marketing Officer
Mortgage Capital Trading