Ian Miller

Ian Miller

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Miller is an accomplished marketing executive who enjoys deconstructing complex value propositions to present them in a compelling and relatable format. He finds fulfillment whether writing photo captions or mission statements, rolling up his sleeves for a web development sprint or managing the operations of a diverse team towards long-term objectives.

After cutting his teeth as a freelance marketing agent, Mr. Miller’s consultancy merged and blossomed into a successful agency in Riverine Inc., where he served over 50 clients in a wide range of industries and capacities. Chief among those was MCT, where Mr. Miller played a key role in elevating the company’s reputation as the leading provider of capital markets software and services.

His core competencies include commercialization strategy, performance analysis, technical copywriting, CRM database development, and event production which he is now proud to leverage as MCT’s Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Miller holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from San Diego State University. He attributes his accomplishments to the dedicated support of colleagues, vendors, and mentors whose contributions drive marketing results.

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