Discover the Largest Mortgage Asset Exchange for Sellers

MCT Marketplace is supporting sellers with innovative technology that is unique to the secondary market. Learn how MCT Marketplace is helping sellers improve liquidity, eliminate barriers, and optimize execution.

Overview of MCT Marketplace for Sellers

  • Access Every Execution Type – Every execution type is available on MCT Marketplace with added automation for support.
  • Review Live Bids from Unapproved Counterparties – MCT Marketplace is the only platform with live bids from unapproved counterparties.
  • Execute Co-Issue Transactions – Our technology brings co-issue loan sale transactions directly into MCT’s whole loan trading platform, making the process of selling co-issue more convenient and transparent
  • Leverage MCT’s Security Spread Commitment – Rather than committing to a fixed price, buyers bid in the form of a spread to the underlying security associated with the loan, giving the seller certainty while allowing market movement to continue.
  • Review Powerful Analytics – Take advantange of every opportunity with embedded, powerful analytics that allow users to target, measure, and take advantage of every opportunity, every time.
MCT's Security Spread Commitment for loan exchange bid commitments

Leverage the process of MCT Marketplace to take advantage of every opportunity, every execution type, and every counterparty. 

“MCT Marketplace is the only loan exchange where sellers can receive bids from unapproved buyers. Through our proprietary ‘security spread commitment’ methodology, MCT firmly holds its position as the gold standard in best execution and moves one step closer to the ultimate goal – when every loan can be priced by every investor.” – Curtis Richins, President, Mortgage Capital Trading

MCT Marketplace Selling Process, Features, and Benefits

MCT Marketplace is revolutionizing the way lenders sell loans in the secondary market. With MCT Marketplace, sellers can find significant increases to loan sale pickup, particularly for key loan characteristics. Learn more about the selling process, features, and benefits of MCT Marketplace for sellers.

Selling Process


Post bid tapes to MCT Marketplace, which includes MCT Marketplace Buyers


Thanks to MCT AutoBid, MCT Marketplace bids are returned instantly


Security Spread Commitments and Co-Issue are clearly highlighted in Best Ex.


Sell side contact info is transferred upon selection of Security Spread Commitment


Buyer and Seller execute Buyer MLPA bilaterally (and in most cases a short application) and complete loan sale

Features for Sellers

Automated Live Bids


Bidding Regardless of Approval Status

Every Loan Priced to Every Investor & Co-Issue Buyer

Automated & Simplified AOT Executions

Streamlined Process for New Investor Approvals (avg. 5 days)

Benefits for Sellers

Achieve True Best Execution with Bids from Every Buyer

Improve Execution Particularly for Key Loan Characteristics


Discover New Counterparties & Conveniently Increase Liquidity

Mitigate Market Volatility & Regulatory Changes


Find Outlets & Pickups for CRA-Eligible Loans


Does your exchange support AOTs?

MCT Marketplace facilitates more AOTs than any other platform, and is the only one with complete automation of the complex calculations and agreements involved. 

Does your exchange support bidding with unapproved counterparties?

MCT Marketplace is the only exchange that lets you see and execute on live bids from new, unapproved counterparties – leading to significant pickup.

Does your exchange have unique co-issue, CRA, and whole loan buyers?

MCT Marketplace buyers have unique prices and axes not available on other platforms.

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