MCT Whitepaper: How Your Loan Sale Process is Holding You Back

With the advent of open loan exchanges, there is overwhelming evidence that standard loan sales are leaving profits on the table for lenders in a myriad of ways. 


In this whitepaper, we will explain the main features and functionalities of BAM Marketplace, giving an in-detail comparison between the standard loan sale process and the upgraded workflow of an open loan exchange. We hope that this paper will effectively highlight the opportunity costs a lender offsets by utilizing this revolutionary secondary market technology.


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As the first truly open loan exchange, BAM Marketplace revolutionizes whole loan liquidity, providing more outlets and the best deals when it comes to trades for lenders.

“BAM Marketplace has the most buyers and sellers of any loan exchange platform, ensuring sellers are getting the best price for their loans while providing buyers with a large assortment of loan types.”

-Justin Grant, MCT

About the Whitepaper:

In this white paper, Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT) explains how the secondary market is now entering into a revolutionary new era where maximized liquidity, eliminated barriers, and optimized execution are all now available at lenders’ fingertips.

Topics include: 

  • Drawbacks of standard loan sales
  • Process flow that allows BAM Marketplace to engender true best execution
  • How to participate in BAM Marketplace

Download our whitepaper to learn how to leverage the latest loan exchange technology to maximize profitability!

“BAM Marketplace is the first loan exchange platform where sellers can receive bids from unapproved buyers through the Security Spread Commitment. This brings us one step closer to the ultimate in best execution, where every loan can be priced to every investor.”

– Curtis Richins, President & CEO, MCT