BAM Marketplace Loan Exchange

BAM MarketplaceTM is the world’s first truly open loan exchange, where buyers can bid regardless of approval status, and sellers receive automated live pricing from every buyer on the platform. A revolutionary new era of maximized liquidity, eliminated barriers, and optimized execution is waiting for you. Join the vanguard of lenders reaping the competitive benefits of BAM Marketplace.

BPS pickup vs. cover on average

billion dollars in committed volume since inception

days on average to approve a new buyer and seller

Security Spread Commitment Unlocks Industry’s First Open Exchange

BAM Marketplace facilitates bids between unapproved counterparties using MCT’s patent-pending Security Spread Commitment.

Rather than committing to a fixed price, buyers bid in the form of a spread to the underlying security associated with the loan, giving the seller certainty while allowing market movement to continue.

After selecting a security spread commitment as the winning bid, the seller immediately completes the investor approval process, which is currently being completed within an average of five business days.

Contact us for more information on how BAM Marketplace can revolutionize your secondary marketing initiatives. 

“BAM Marketplace is the only loan exchange where sellers can receive bids from unapproved buyers. Through our proprietary ‘security spread commitment’ methodology, MCT firmly holds its position as the gold standard in best execution and moves one step closer to the ultimate goal – when every loan can be priced by every investor.” – Curtis Richins, President, Mortgage Capital Trading

Learn How Buyers & Sellers Interact on BAM Marketplace

During 2020 market volatility, investors bought less and sellers ran into liquidity issues, especially for key loan types such as low-FICO government. To help clients through this time, BAM Marketplace was created to connect distressed sellers with would-be buyers, particularly agency-approved lenders within the MCT client base without previous correspondent investing experience. 

BAM Marketplace For Sellers

Learn how BAM Marketplace is helping sellers achieve true best execution with bids from every buyer, improve execution for key loan characteristics, discover new counterparties and mitigate market volatility. 


Automated Live Bids


Bidding Regardless of Approval Status


Every Loan Priced to Every Investor

BAM Marketplace For Buyers

BAM Marketplace is revolutionizing the buying experience using MCT’s Security Spread Commitment and MCT AutoBid technology. This industry first is giving buyers unapparelled access to new sellers.


Security Spread Commitments


Industry’s Largest Community of Sellers


Complete Technology Package for New Buyers

Award-Winning Technology Drives Buyer & Seller Success

HousingWire recognized MCT as a 2021 leader in innovation in large part due to the success of BAM Marketplace in supporting lenders through pandemic market volatility. Learn how BAM Marketplace has evolved to become the industry’s first true loan exchange. 

Bid Auction Manager (BAM)® is a platform within MCTlive!® that integrates with existing lender and investor processes to encrypt bid tapes so that they can be securely and efficiently priced by investors. Investors then load tapes back into MCTlive! where they reside in a centralized bid tape repository that can be easily reviewed to achieve Best Execution. Save time, improve margins, and securely transfer bid tapes with a BAM!

Automate the process of pricing bid tapes and accepting commitments for MCT clients. Because MCT AutoBid is built into MCTlive!, pricing is instant providing the best possible seller experience. No more organizing, normalizing, pricing, or returning bid tapes and commitment requests via spreadsheets and email – just fast, accurate bid tape pricing to improve the seller experience and grow market share. MCT AutoBid will eventually be expanded to support non-MCT clients.

BAM Marketplace for Sellers

BAM Marketplace is revolutionizing the way lenders sell loans in the secondary market. With BAM Marketplace, sellers can find significant increases to loan sale pickup, particularly for key loan characteristics. Learn more about the selling process, features, and benefits of BAM Marketplace for sellers. 

Average Pickups vs. Cover Bid in Basis Points


Gov. Production

Con. Production

Gov. with FICO Under 660

Low Loan Amount (Under $200K)

MFG Home Loans

Selling Process


Bid tapes are posted to BAM, which includes BAM Marketplace Buyers


Thanks to MCT AutoBid, BAM Marketplace bids are returned instantly


Security Spread Commitments are clearly highlighted in Best Ex.


Sell side contact info is transferred upon selection of Security Spread Commitment


Buyer and Seller execute Buyer MLPA bilaterally (and in most cases a short application) and complete loan sale

Features for Sellers


Automated Live Bids


Bidding Regardless of Approval Status


Every Loan Priced to Every Investor


Automated & Simplified AOT Executions


Streamlined Process for New Investor Approvals (avg. 5 days)

Benefits for Sellers


Achieve True Best Execution with Bids from Every Buyer


Improve Execution Particularly for Key Loan Characteristics


Discover New Counterparties & Conveniently Increase Liquidity


Mitigate Market Volatility & Regulatory Changes


Find Outlets & Pickups for CRA-Eligible Loans

BAM Marketplace for Buyers

BAM Marketplace is revolutionizing the way buyers purchase loans in the secondary market. With BAM Marketplace, buyers can target key loan characteristics, improve efficiency and increase their pool of sellers. Learn more about the buying process, features and benefits of BAM Marketplace for buyers. 

Buying Process


Bid tapes are received through BAM Marketplace


Production automatically screened based on buyer restrictions


MCT AutoBid will automatically bid available loans traditionally or via Security Spread Commitment


Sell side contact info is received upon selection of Security Spread Commitment


Buyer and Seller execute Buyer MLPA bilaterally and complete loan sales

Features for Buyers


Security Spread Commitments & Complete Technology Package for New Buyers


Provide Executable Pricing to the Industry’s Largest Seller Community


MCT AutoBid & API On-Demand Pricing


Granular & Low Maintenance Margin Management


On-Demand Analytics on Buyer Competitiveness

Benefits for Buyers


Never Miss Target Loan Characteristics


Improve Efficiency on the Bidding Process


Increase Pool of Approved Sellers


Completely changes the cost calculations on how you participate in the correspondent lending channel


Find Sellers with CRA-Eligible Product


Constantly Monitor and Fine-Tune Pricing

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