Navigating the Waters of MSR Sales

Webinar scheduled for April 4th at 10AM PT.

This webinar has concluded. View the recording and slide deck below. 

Our experts will review how to determine which MSRs to sell, how to evaluate bids you receive, and tips for negotiating a contract. Topics will also include expected challenges, purchase terms, and timing of the sale. 


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The decision to sell your servicing asset involves many variables including market rates, liability, asset size, note rate and more. Join our experts as they guide you through this unique process.



Getting Started

Learn how to review the MSRs in your portfolio to determine which loans will help you achieve your sales and portfolio goals. 

Evaluate Bids

Discover how to evaluate the terms in the bids you receive. We will also discuss how characteristics affect pricing. 


Negotiating Contracts

Learn how to review and negotiate the best terms for your servicing asset in order to accomplish your goals. 

Please view the webinar recording below. You can also download the Navigating the Waters of MSR Sales slide deck. 

To learn more about selling servicing, register for our webinar on April 4th at 10AM PT

Reviewing the MSR sales process can help you find the best deal possible. Join our webinar on April 4th at 10AM PT to learn from our experts:

  • Which servicing assets to consider selling in order to reach your goals
  • How the terms in each bid will affect the sale of your asset
  • What to expect when negotiating a bid on your servicing asset

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“MSR sales can involve many hidden variables. Join us as we discuss the process of selling your servicing asset.”

Phil Laren, Director of MSR Services at MCT

About the Webinar Presenters:

Phil Laren, Director of MSR Services at MCT

MCT’s mortgage servicing software, MSRLive!, was created by industry veteran Phil Laren.

Mr. Laren has more than 30 years experience in Capital Markets, predominantly in servicing. He is experienced in all aspects of servicing, modeling, pricing, trading, negotiating, hedging, risk analysis, accounting analysis and operations.  He is also very experienced building teams and managing traders & analysts.

Mr. Laren holds Advanced degrees in statistics and econometrics.

George Christo, Executive Vice President at The Prestwick Mortgage Group

Mr. Christo began his mortgage career in 1992 at one of the country’s largest specialty investment banking providers to the mortgage banking industry. During his tenure at this firm, he personally managed over one hundred servicing sales transactions ranging in size from $10 million to $1.5 Billion. He was also active in providing evaluation and consulting services to numerous clients.

Since joining The Prestwick Mortgage Group in 1995, Mr. Christo has played an active role in positioning the Company as a nationally respected provider of mortgage loan asset brokerage, evaluation and consulting services. At Prestwick, he has successfully marketed over three hundred fifty servicing portfolios, ranging in size from $3 million to $4.0 billion, and twelve mortgage companies. He has managed over eight hundred evaluation and consulting assignments.

To learn more about MSR sales, register for our webinar. 

George Christo, Executive Vice President