Recapture: Impact on Servicing | Servicing Insights Vol. 10

Servicing Insights Vol. 10 provides guidance on the MCT’s approach to recapture and its impact on servicing. We will define recapture, how to measure it, how to include it in MSR valuation exercises, and whether it should be included in a fair value assessment of MSR.

Since the data on recapture is rather thin, there is more uncertainty around the results than, say prepayment or credit modeling. Therefore, including recapture in a servicing model is a complicated process, that requires a lot of data and modeling to accurately capture the full impact.


In this latest servicing insights volume, we will consider the value of recapture in an MSR valuation by taking into account the number of refinances, the Gain on Sale, and the likelihood that a borrower would have made a decision to pursue a new loan independent of their servicer.

“The idea of getting a borrower who is exploring new loan options to complete a refinance with the current servicer is a simple concept. However, the value of that activity is what we must measure, if we are going to include it in our MSR modeling.” – Excerpt from Servicing Insights Vol. 10


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Recapture: Impact on Servicing

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Phil Laren has 30 years experience in all aspects of servicing, modeling, pricing, trading, negotiating, hedging, risk analysis, accounting analysis and operations.

He created MSRlive!, our newly launched mortgage servicing software, based on the same Desktop Servicing Model that has helped countless Mortgage Banking professionals make the right decisions in their servicing valuations.


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