How to Efficiently Scale Your Whole Loan Acquisition Channel

In this blog, we will showcase how investors can utilize MCT Marketplace, to transform the traditional process of acquiring residential whole loans in the secondary market.

Whole loan investors know all too well the challenges of profitably competing in today’s secondary market and establishing new seller relationships.  Tight competition makes it difficult to stand out amongst the crowd at a time when scale is necessary to offset extremely low margins.  Those that have successfully amassed a large and diverse base of sellers face a daily battle in accurately and competitively pricing the sheer number of bid tapes that come across their desks. In order to combat these issues, MCT has developed the industry’s first truly open loan exchange with the necessary tools for buyers and sellers to transact regardless of approval status.  With MCT Marketplace, both established and new investors now have an out-of-the-box solution that drives efficiency and scale to the loan acquisition process, maximizing their chances of success.

Steps Towards Leveraging MCT Marketplace

Increase Your Network of Approved Sellers

Participating Investors get instant access to the MCT seller network and have the opportunity to bid on loan collateral posted for sale, regardless of approval status. At 220 sellers and growing, this puts investors in front of the industry’s largest community of sellers and opens the opportunity to efficiently and systematically identify new counterparties.  Prospective sellers will see an investor’s bid along with their other approved executions allowing them to easily identify when a new investor would be a good fit.  Investors can upload their contact information, MLPA and Application documents to help expedite the approval process as interested sellers reach out to get approved or want to start the relationship with a security spread commitment.

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Security Spread Commitment

MCT Marketplace facilitates bids between unapproved counterparties using MCT’s patent-pending Security Spread Commitment. Rather than committing to a fixed price, buyers bid in the form of a spread to the underlying security associated with the loan, giving the seller certainty while allowing market movement to continue. After executing a security spread commitment, the seller immediately completes the investor approval process, which is completed in less than 5 days on average.

Utilize a Centralized Bidding Platform

A well-organized bidding & commitment management system allows investors to operate their bidding process from a centralized location. Investors can review and submit bids with a few clicks of a button or even set their bids to be automatically returned to sellers. Full confirmation functionality is available as well, allowing investors to manage the entire bid-to-commitment process in MCT Marketplace. Because MCT Marketplace is built into MCTlive!, investors don’t have to worry about normalization, emailing, uploading, and downloading spreadsheets. This frees up hours of valuable time daily, allowing investors to focus on analyzing their competitiveness rather than being bogged down with the process. Investors can even leverage MCT Marketplace to run non-MCT client bid tapes so they can manage their entire seller base in one system.

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Generate Accurate and Granular Bid Pricing

With access to MCT’s industry-leading AutoBid software investors can leverage agency API connections and granular margin and restriction functionality to accurately generate bid pricing on the types of loans, they want to buy. With full support for spec pay ups and MSR values, whether utilizing MCT’s MSR group or another 3rd party, investors can ensure they’ll be generating the most accurate bid at any point in time. Investors can also choose from several common loan characteristics to margin & restrict by or leverage the multifactor functionality to set up more complex rules. Here are just a few examples of how MCT Marketplace can help quickly target loans that meet an investor’s desired profile:

Lender-Specific Margins – Easily set different margins at the seller level to account for any lender-specific differences, both positive and negative.

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Spec Margin Hold Back – Investors utilizing the cash windows with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may prefer to hold back a portion of the spec in their bid due to the additional price volatility of the pay ups. Our tools allow you to easily pinpoint these products and apply additional margin, either fixed or as a % of the pay up, as well as differentiate by delivery term.

Loan Characteristic Margins – Setting additional margins for certain types of loan characteristics can be as simple or complex as you want. Choose from a list of common loan attributes or create margins based on a combination of multiple parameters.

Loan Characteristic Restrictions – Easily restrict certain types of loans that you don’t want to buy whether it’s a common loan characteristic, an illiquid set of rates, or some combination of attributes that don’t fit your appetite.

Use Analytics to Your Advantage

Within MCT Marketplace Investors get actionable, on-demand analytics on their market share & competitiveness. Loan level color on all bids provides powerful insight to help investors identify areas of opportunity. This allows for surgical adjustments to pricing to efficiently and profitably increase market share.

Commitment Loan Breakdown

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Custom Commitment

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Why Choose MCT Marketplace

Buying Process


Bid tapes are received through MCT Marketplace


Production automatically screened based on buyer restrictions

MCT AutoBid will automatically bid available loans traditionally or via Security Spread Commitment


Sell side contact info is received upon selection of Security Spread Commitment


Buyer and Seller execute Buyer MLPA bilaterally and complete loan sales



Security Spread Commitments & Complete Technology Package for New Buyers

Provide Executable Pricing to the Industry’s Largest Seller Community

MCT AutoBid & API On-Demand Pricing

Granular & Low Maintenance Margin Management


On-Demand Analytics on Buyer Competitiveness


Never Miss Target Loan Characteristics


Improve Efficiency on the Bidding Process


Increase Pool of Approved Sellers

Completely changes the cost calculations on how you participate in the correspondent lending channel


Find Sellers with CRA-Eligible Product


Constantly Monitor and Fine-Tune Pricing

MCT Marketplace Loan Characteristic Breakdown


2nd Home / NOO


Conventional Loans


Government Loan


High Balance


Spec Eligible


Gov with FICO below 660

Not yet opted into MCT Marketplace?

You’re missing out! Current MCT hedge clients can opt-in to MCT Marketplace for access to all the unique features. MCT Marketplace is a truly open loan exchange where buyers can bid regardless of approval status, and sellers receive automated live pricing from every buyer on the platform. Join the vanguard of lenders reaping the competitive benefits of MCT Marketplace by clicking the opt-in link.

MCT is incredibly proud to offer the most robust loan exchange where it is our mission that every loan be priced to every investor. We welcome all whole loan investors to come and see how MCT Marketplace helped MCT become one of Housing Wire’s leaders in innovation in 2021 and how it can help you improve your loan acquisition strategy.