BAM Marketplace Opt-In Form


MCT is facilitating whole loan liquidity between clients with a new program called BAM Marketplace.There is no additional cost for MCT hedging clients and no change to your current Best Execution process.   Submit your seller opt-in below to start the process.

BAM Marketplace Process Flow – Sell Side

  • Bid tapes are posted to BAM using the normal “Post to BAM” process
    • Sell side lender will “approve” potential buyers to view bid tape
    • Production shown to BAM Marketplace will be preselected by seller
    • Current tranches will include Program, FICO, LTV, Purpose, Occupancy
  • BAM Marketplace Investor Bids will be clearly highlighted in Best Ex
    • Usage of MCTlive! Adverse BPS (Love/Hate) functionality will be critical
  • Sell side contact info will be transferred at time of commitment request
    • Buyer will need to confirm – buyer-seller communication is paramount
  • Buyer and Seller execute Buyer MLPA bilaterally (and in most cases a short application) and complete loan sale