Aggregated Structural Equations (ASE) Model: An Alternative View of Value and Risk - Part 2

As a follow up to ASE Part 1, Servicing Insights Vol. 9 explains why to utilize an “Aggregated Structural Equations (ASE)” methodology rather than a “rate path” (OAS) methodology to value each MSR asset.

The ASE methodology is more dynamic because it takes into account all the structural relationships between variables that contribute to MSR value, allowing the interest rates, inflation rates, and volatility to interact.


In this latest servicing insights volume, we will use some real examples of how the ASE methodology is applied to actual MSR portfolios. Next, we will explain how the ASE gives us a better understanding of a portfolio’s underlying risk, especially as it pertains to hedging MSRs. We will conclude with some cautions and challenges of using the ASE model.

“There is a certain naïve comfort in OAS. You don’t have to address identifying the proper exogenous or endogenous variables, solving the data and statistical issues associated with them, or examining the challenging “noisy” forecasts like you must with ASE.” – Excerpt from Servicing Insights Vol. 9


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ASE Model: An Alternative View of Value and Risk – Part 2

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