MCT Whitepaper: How Credit Unions Can Benefit Members Through Investor Set Optimization

As a credit union, you have deep community roots, loyal membership, and are always looking to grow market share. One way to help your members get the best rate or price is by optimizing your investor set.

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“We’re able to send bid tapes to 17 investors so we’re always receiving the best price for our loans. This helps us lower our rates for members. Everything we generate goes back to our members.” – Caleb Jeppsen, Vice President of Secondary Marketing at Virginia Credit Union

About the Whitepaper:

In this whitepaper, we will discuss how to quantify where to deliver your production, the process for auditing your investor base, and how to optimize your investor set.

Topics include: 

  • Mandatory loan sale delivery
  • Considerations for choosing the right investors
  • Questions to ask when exploring new programs and investors
  • What products do investors want?
  • How to optimize your investor set
  • Challenges of adding new investors 

Download our whitepaper to learn how to credit unions can optimize their investor set and provide more benefits to their members!

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“Since working with MCT, we’ve been able to build more branches, more buildings, provide more service, and create more mortgage loans for our members. We’ve also been able to create more products that didn’t exist before MCT.””

– Caleb Jeppsen, Vice President of Secondary Marketing at Virginia Credit Union

About the Author: Anthony Ianni

Mr. Ianni has more than 30 years of experience in secondary marketing, operations and sales management working with all types of lending organizations. Mr. Ianni’s consultative approach has assisted his clients in areas such as market penetration, product, and pricing specific solutions, investor guidelines, mortgage technology, operational improvements and efficiencies as well as hedging management.

Mr. Ianni has held senior positions at various lending organizations in a secondary marketing and correspondent business development capacity. He has worked for nationally recognized lenders such as Plaza Home Mortgage, PHH Mortgage, Franklin American Mortgage, GMAC Bank and others.