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This report measures the change in phone use, productivity and TBA execution associated with the implementation of Agile Trading Technology’s RFQ platform (Agile RFQ). 


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“Agile RFQ has delivered quicker trades and better execution. What used to take fifteen minutes can now be done in under five in most cases. The cost of doing trades (non-competitive) dropped by a half tick almost immediately. With competitive trades the savings are even greater, sometimes over a tick.” – Andrew Thornhill, Trader, Mortgage Capital Trading

About the Report:

In this report, MCT reviews the effects of Agile Trading Technology’s RFQ platform (Agile RFQ) on the TBA execution process. 

The report include: 

  • An overview of the information gathering process 
  • A review of the TBA trading process before and after Agile RFQ was implemented
  • A summary of the results from the study 

Download the report now to learn how this technology is changing the TBA execution process. 

“It’s been a huge time-saver and cut down on trade discrepancies tremendously since there are no errors over the phone or being written down/typed in. I also have noticed the brokers giving better pricing so maybe the fact that they can see what trades are taken elsewhere, entices them to be more competitive.” 

– Michelle Valen, Trader, Mortgage Capital Trading