MCT Webinar:
Moving to Mandatory Loan Sale Delivery

In this webinar, MCT will discuss how lenders are leveraging mandatory loan sale delivery to improve profitability and manage risk with pipeline hedging. MCT will also review operational changes needed to move from best efforts to mandatory loan sales.

This webinar from Wednesday, March 10th at 10AM PT has concluded. Please view the webinar recording below.

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When mortgage bankers sell their loans on the secondary market, most begin using the best efforts loan sale delivery method. As volume begins to pick up, mandatory loan sale delivery becomes attractive for the increased profits… but how do you manage the risk?

View the Webinar Recording

View the MCT Community webinar recording below or download the slidedeck.

Introduction to Mandatory Loan Sales

About the Webinar:

Join MCT’s Anthony Ianni as he presents and discusses how to make the transition from best efforts to mandatory.

Topics include:

  • A review of mandatory loan sales and when it makes sense to switch
  • Profitability benefits for moving to mandatory loan sales
  • How pipeline hedging is used to mitigate market risk
  • Operational changes needed to move from best efforts to mandatory loan sales

Since implementing pipeline hedging and best execution loan sales with MCT, First Bank has realized a total net profitability increase of 52 basis points

Andrew Stringer, Director of Secondary/Capital Markets at First Bank

About the Webinar Presenter:

Anthony Ianni

Mr. Ianni has more than 30 years of experience in secondary marketing, operations and sales management working with all types of lending organizations. Mr. Ianni’s consultative approach has assisted his clients in areas such as market penetration, product, and pricing specific solutions, investor guidelines, mortgage technology, operational improvements and efficiencies as well as hedging management.

Anthony Ianni, Northwest & Mountain Regional Sales Director, MCT