Secondary Market Intelligence, Operations Audits & Advisory Services

The Business Intelligence Group leverages unique industry insights, powerful analytics, and secondary market intelligence to help you prosper in the ever-changing mortgage industry. Increase efficiency through a secondary operations audit of your business activities. Tune up performance of your mortgage technology platforms to achieve maximum return on investment. MCT’s Business Intelligence group is ready to arm you with actionable data insights in real-time.

Insights & Data to Empower Educated Decision Making

Access Mortgage Industry Insights & Strategies

The Business Intelligence Group has developed a suite of products and services that help our clients make educated decisions to improve their business strategies.

  • Secondary Operations Audits and Advisory Services
  • Concise Management Hedge Performance Reporting
  • Robust LO Performance – Pull Through, Market Moves, Margins
  • Peer Group Benchmark Reporting – Volume, Profitability, Investor Set, Pull-Through, and Pricing Comparisons
  • Agency Approval Opportunity Analysis – Potential Pickup, Efficiency Gains, and Execution Volume
  • iMarket – Proprietary Loan Sale Best Execution Database, Investor Report Cards, Client Opportunity Curves

Leverage our unique industry experiences to improve your existing workflows and procedures. Eliminate leakage points with operational inefficiencies to achieve your business’s profitability potential.

Secondary Marketing Data, Acumen, & Expertise

From ad hoc engagements to customized reporting, we have the industry data & expertise to help your business prosper in the secondary market. Gain insight and confidence that you’re doing business with the investor set for your business goals.

Maximize return on investment with your mortgage technology platforms by ensuring that they are properly setup for optimized use and performance. We offer tune up and advisory services for advanced configurations of centralized lock desk implementations.

Business Intelligence: How It Works

MCT’s Business Intelligence group leverages our unique industry insight to empower our clients with facts, data and powerful analytics to increase their efficiency and profitability. Learn from our experienced business professionals to improve your operations for improved capital markets solutions.

As a service provider to over 195 mortgage banks, credit unions and depositories that do business with over 80 correspondent lenders, all agencies and all major mortgage technology platforms, we are uniquely equipped to provide additional value to our clients.

Business Intelligence: Benefits

Maximize Profitability

Ensure that your business is achieving its profitability potential through our business consulting and advisory services.

Proven Best Practices

We know what works, and what doesn’t. We can assist in setting up or improving your existing workflows, policies and procedures.

Investor Partner Analysis

Gain insight and confidence that you’re doing business with the investor set for your business.

Better Business Decisions

Arm yourself with the best data and information to enable informed decision making.

Get the Most Out of Technology

Maximize return on your investment in mortgage technology platforms by ensuring that they are configured for optimized use and performance.

Fix & Eliminate Leakage

Identify unknown leakage points in your operation and develop solutions to plug the leak.

Business Intelligence: Latest News & Educational Articles


MCT Moves to Secure Sensitive Borrower Data Exposed in 90 Percent of Secondary Market Transactions

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Nov. 7, 2018 – MCT announced that it is incorporating the company’s patent-pending geocoding technology into its Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) whole loan trading platform in order to shield borrower addresses from being shared with non-buying entities throughout the whole loan bidding process.

New Bid Tape AOT Executions Explained (Webinar Recap)

Join us in this educational post as we recap the best information on these new delivery options introduced in our industry webinar on October 11th, 2018. “Under the right conditions, bid tape AOT offers a prescriptive economic value over other executions.”

Industry Trends 2018: What Caused Lender Profit Margin Compression?

We are proud to introduce our latest whitepaper, What Caused the Lender Profit Margin Compression? by Bill Berliner, for those who are interested in diving into MCT client and market data. We’ll discuss lender competition, decreasing volumes, increased interest rates, and weakening of relative pricing of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) as contributors.

We are uniquely equipped to help you leverage data to inform better business decision making and secondary marketing strategies.

Bill Petersohn
Managing Director


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