Mortgage Servicing Rights Portfolio Valuations & Software

Whether you are getting your agency approvals, selling through co-issue, or actively growing your portfolio, MCT offers a suite of tools along with an experienced team to help you with all your MSR needs. Choose the combination of services to achieve your MSR risk management goals:

Desktop Servicing Model (DSM)

Organizations with a well-defined strategy for MSR retention need powerful tools to actively manage this important asset. The DSM makes these advanced features available in an intuitive Excel-based interface:

  • Rate shocks and economic scenarios.
  • Results, sensitivities and cash flows.
  • Automated pricing with customized grids.
  • Assumption sheets that use internal, actual costs and portfolio characteristics or market assumptions.

Desktop Servicing Model: How It Works

From the comfort of your computer, the desktop servicing model is used to review, manage, and report on your MSR assets.

  • Define Assumptions – MCT experts work with you to define and understand all base assumptions.
  • Process Data – You have the ability to pull your own data and run the DSM at your discretion.
  • Generate Reports – Defined set of reports generated (Cash Flow Forecasting, Portfolio Valuation, etc.).
  • Analyze – Review results and make actionable decisions.

Servicing Portfolio Valuation Reports

For those clients who do not desire the sophistication of a desktop servicing model but still need to determine the value of their MSR asset, MCT offers monthly, quarterly or annual portfolio valuations.

  • Precise analysis and opinion of value
  • Summary tables of major portfolio characteristics
  • Sensitivity charts for key risk factors

Enhanced Retain-Release Extension
for MCT’s Best Execution Analysis

Our newest offering leverages the power of the DSM for any agency approved lender, even if you aren’t actively growing your MSR portfolio. The Extension augments our state of the art Best Ex. Analysis to provide retained released decisions that:

  • Are precisely calibrated to your internal costs and yield requirements.
  • Adjust cash impact for MSR financing transactions.
  • Adjust for the cash impact of a transaction by –
    • Reflecting tax advantages of retention vs. release.
    • Identifying breakeven point for cash for MSR transactions.
    • Showing actual gain/loss in cash from different retention strategies or decisions about individual loans.

MSR Strategy, Consulting, & Networking Services

Mortgage Service Rights (MSR) clients have access to one-on-one strategy consulting with MCT specialists and are offered a robust network of subservicers and MSR financing institutions.


  • MCT emphasizes education and training for all clients. Expanding capital markets knowledge leads to our mutual success.
  • Assistance navigating the process of agency approvals and growth through the stages of building an MSR portfolio.
  • Assistance identifying and evaluating sub-servicing options and strategy.
  • Training on what servicing is, what drives the value, how the value is calculated, and other principles.


  • Introduction to subservicers with special pricing and terms for MCT clients.
  • Introduction to banks lending on Mortgage Servicing Rights assets.

Many lenders need specialized guidance to value servicing portfolios for maximum profitability and risk management. This new group will be key in supporting existing MCT clients as they grow to larger accounts.

Phil Laren
Managing Director & Creator of the DSM

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