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MCT’s experts provide an unmatched experience for secondary marketing professionals. While we offer the most comprehensive capital markets platform in the industry, our deep dedication to delighting clients is our hallmark. In fact, MCT has been consistently called out by independent analysts for earning the highest customer satisfaction rating of any provider in the mortgage landscape.


A Commitment to Industry-Leading Client Experience

From market-driven content to holistic teams structured for lenders and investors of any size and sophistication, MCT is proactive in its approach to client engagement. We constantly strive to earn our position as “your trusted capital markets partner”.

To learn more about our approach and ethos, we invite you to watch a short video. 

MCT by secondary for secondary client experience campaign video

Foundation of Client Commitment

For over 20 years, MCT’s owners have prioritized your experience. Clients are the priority, not shareholders.


Multiple Channels for Contact

Chat with us within our tech platform, call a Trader or other dedicated team member, send an email…we’re here for you on your terms.


Lender Loyalty and Client Satisfaction

MCT is consistently at the top of both categories when clients are surveyed by independent analysts.

Month-to-Month Contracts

No long term commitments. We consistently earn your trust. 

“MCT is so big on customer service. I don’t know that it’s said enough. We’ve obviously heard of other competitors out there. The difference with MCT is being able to talk to anyone I need to. It’s a huge help for us.”  – Nick Whitten, VP of Capital Markets, Open Mortgage, LLC

Market Guidance & Analysis

In addition to a top-notch, on-call trading desk, MCT provides guidance when you need it the most. MarketFlash updates, client-exclusive webinars, new product/service announcements, and MCT University are just a few examples of content-driven support.

MarketFlash emails are client-exclusive, time sensitive updates that are immediately relevant for your business.  More than 75 MarketFlash updates have been issued since recent volatility began in March 2020. 

Our client-exclusive webinar training series that focuses on best practices, hot topics, technology hacks, and more! Clients are provided continuous access to past webinar sessions which can be helpful when developing your own talent or on-boarding new team members.

Sample MCT University Webinar

MCT University How News Impacts Secondary

Valuable Personal Interaction

Sure, MCT is the undisputed leader in mortgage capital markets technology, but it’s the human connections we make with our clients that truly drives lasting success. Depending on the need, clients have access to a myriad of talented, dedicated team members:


        • Traders
        • Capital Markets Technology Advisors (CMTA)
        • Regional Sales Directors/Vice Presidents
        • Regional Account Executives
        • Client Engagement Managers
        • Division Leaders

Watch Video – What It’s Like to Work with MCT

Whats its like to work with MCT

“When I have questions I can call and there’s always someone there to pick up the phone and they answer the questions. The support has been great.”  – Steve Wilkinson, VP of Capital Markets, Veritas Funding

Track Record of Success 


Featured Quote: “We used BAM Marketplace to find additional investors. Had I not had BAM Marketplace, we would have been holding onto a few million dollars in funded loans and I might not have this job to be telling the story to you now.

  View Case Study


Featured Quote: “We used to hit the bids and in three or four hours get commitments. With Rapid Commit, it happens instantaneously. Carving out time dedicated to just commitments is difficult when you have a million things going on, so in a way, that’s where we see the true pickup of Rapid Commit – it allows us the ease of being able to dedicate more time and energy to the facets of our jobs which really need it.” 

View Case Study


Featured Quote: “When we first started, our average loan sale from start to close was ten days. Prior to these systems, it wasn’t even measured. If the market moved and we weren’t able to sell loans we’d sit on them for a while, maybe even weeks. After using MCTlive! over the last four years, we’ve gone from 10 days to one. It works pretty well.”

View Case Study

“We care about what we do and how we care for our clients. We want to provide the best products and highest level of service for them.” – Natalie Arshakian, Senior Director, Head of Lock Desk Operations, MCT

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