Weekly Technology Improvement Series:

Pricing Granularity

Published 9/10/2021

BAM Marketplace features recent improvements on both the buy side and the sell side.

One of the primary functionality enhancements is in the Autobid software, which has new features for granularity on pricing and margins on bids.

For certain types of loans, investors can now easily manage pricing for sellers via new margining features on loans with specified value payups that allow the user to define in either bps or as a % of the total payup. 

For example, maybe you want 50 bps and 50% of the spec payup on a particular loan.  

Specs for Fannie, Freddie, and GNMA are handled in different ways and the new functionality in MCTlive! provides users the ability to load their own spec payup grid or use the derived payups to margin off of.

You can now build out your own programming rules. So, for example, on a Freddie cash retained loan, you can now choose from all applicable spec values and get as granular as you want on the filters.

It will recalculate daily pickup as the spec values get updated. It will also display a hit to price on a global level, such as for a low loan amount, and can adjust on a client level for loan attributes.

 Our new multifactor rule builder for margins and overlays really drives home your point of being a self-managed, very sharp pricing tool for buyers. 

This tool allows you to combine any attribute to define when a rule should apply. So, if you want a 5pt hit on loans with a PIW, TX, < 640 FICO, > 80% LTV, MH, for 5 of your sellers.  You can do that!

In an effort to inform you of these real time enhancements this series will review the latest MCTlive! innovations and functionality updates. Join our newsletter to be updated on new releases.

This series focuses on technology updates to MCTlive!, MCT’s award-winning loan pipeline management software.

MCTlive! Features include:

  • 100% Cloud-Hosted, Web-Based, Real-Time Functionality
  • Multidimensional Pull-Through Analytics
  • Bid Auction Manager (BAM) Loan Trading Platform
  • Electronic TBA Trading
  • Rapid Commit for Agency Delivery

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