About The Mortgage Professional's Handbook Vol. 3

mortgage professionals handbookWe have learned that access to valuable industry information and in-depth educational resources are a key component to business success in mortgage banking.

It is with great honor to have been involved in the creation of The Mortgage Professional’s Handbook Vol. 3 – Capital Markets and Financial Management, a comprehensive collection of information on secondary marketing.

Philip Rasori, COO & Hedge Advisory Lead at MCT is the author of chapters 3 & 4 of the handbook. His areas of expertise include computational dynamics, complex financial modeling, and linear programming for operational optimization.

Read this guide to further your knowledge of core topics in secondary marketing.

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About The Mortgage Professional’s Handbook

The Mortgage Professional’s Handbook is edited by Jess Lederman and Tomasz Lasota and brings together some of the most respected and knowledgeable professionals in the industry to discuss a variety of secondary marketing topics.

One of the professionals is MCT’s Philip Rasori. Phil has contributed two chapters titled “Pull-Through Analysis” and “Best Execution.” MCT is proud that Phil has contributed his expertise to this project and we view our participation as another example of MCT’s commitment to empowerment of the mortgage banker through education.

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Read on in this article to learn how you can read the MCT-authored Chapter 3 “Pull-Through Analysis” and Chapter 4 “Best Execution” to increase your subject matter knowledge without buying the guide.

This handbook has been declared a must-read for those who wish to take a proactive role in their company’s success. 100% of proceeds go to charity. We hope you will buy a few copies for your friends and support these great charities.

About Phil Rasori


Philip Rasori, COO & Hedge Advisory Lead

Phil Rasori is a thought-leader in capital markets operations, and he also developed the mortgage pipeline hedging algorithms which are the foundation MCT’s HALO Program.

Since 2005, Phil has functionally led MCT operations by contributing his expertise in complex financial modeling and computational dynamics, enriching MCT’s reputation as a top-tier mortgage pipeline hedging and risk management advisory firm.

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You can also read chapters three and four for free right now to see for yourself why mortgage bankers are praising The Mortgage Professional’s Handbook and declaring it a must-read for those who wish to take a proactive role in their company’s success.

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This book is like having the top professionals in the industry available to consult with you on various topics whenever you need assistance. You’ll find yourself turning to the book again and again for its valuable, practical insights that can make a legitimate difference in your business. Let us know what you think in the comments!