MCT® Software Suite

Professional Software for Improving Mortgage Industry Efficiency & Profits

Since 2001, MCT has grown from a mortgage pipeline hedging specialist into a fully-integrated provider of capital markets services & software. 

From MCTlive!® and MSRlive!, to the new Bid Auction Manager (BAM®), these software solutions continue to support new advancements in mortgage technology that lead to more profits and business efficiency. Learn more about each software below by clicking to their individual page.


Our award-winning capital markets software platform was built for secondary marketing by secondary marketing professionals – but the advantages don’t stop at your secondary department. It’s robust functionality facilitates pipeline hedging, pipeline management, trade management, best execution loan sales, pull-through analytics, scenario modeling, and much more. LEARN MORE »


The most accurate MSR software & customizable mortgage servicing rights (MSR) valuation model, now on a convenient, cloud-based platform. Features like portfolio valuation, custom grid pricing, rate shock analysis and detailed reporting allow you to account for every market scenario. LEARN MORE »

Bid Auction Manager (BAM)

Bid Auction Manager (BAM) is a platform within MCTlive! that integrates with existing lender and investor processes to encrypt bid tapes so that they can be securely and efficiently priced by investors. Save time, improve margins, and securely transfer bid tapes with a BAM!  LEARN MORE »

InvestorMatic Analytics

InvestorMatic® Software provides MCT’s historical database of best execution analysis and loan sales, automates processes and manages delivery channels. By using shadow bidding and investor research, the best possible experience is provided for the seller, with fast and accurate pricing!  LEARN MORE »

Business Intelligence Platform

MCT’s Business Intelligence Platform is a secondary market intelligence software that aggregates proprietary mortgage pipeline and loan sale data from MCTlive! to provide strategic insights to MCT clients in the form of customizable reports and illustrative charts. LEARN MORE »

MCTlive! Mobile App

The MCTlive! Mobile App is quickly changing the way lenders manage their secondary marketing. With the app, users can review and react to market changes on-the-go.

Learn more about our new innovation and watch the introduction video on this innovative mortgage technology for MCTlive!.

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Meet Our Service Group Leaders

Our solutions combine professional mortgage industry services with advanced technology to create an unparalleled customer experience.

Phil Rasori

Phil Rasori

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Rasori is a recognized thought-leader in capital markets operations within the mortgage banking ...
Natalie Arshakian

Natalie Arshakian

Director of Lock Desk Operations
Natalie Arshakian, Director of LockCentral, has over seven years in financial experience and a found...
Benjamin Coll

Benjamin Coll

Director of Trade Desk Operations
Mr. Coll manages the Hedge Advisory Trade Desk out of our San Diego headquarters. Mr Coll has 20...
Phil Laren

Phil Laren

Director of MSR Services
MCT’s mortgage servicing software, MSRLive!, was created by industry veteran Phil Laren. Mr. La...

Solutions for Lenders at Every Stage of Growth

As a team, with our clients and vendor partners, we are pioneering the future of capital markets innovations. Learn more about how our Hedge Advisory, MSR Services, Lock Central, Product & Pricing and Business Intelligence services continue to improve business operations at every stage of growth.

Read About Our Award Winning Technology

MCT was designated to HousingWire’s 2020 Mortgage Tech 100 list as one of the most innovative companies in the U.S housing economy as a result of multiple solutions and services it developed and successfully launched in 2019.

UPDATE Jan. 23, 2020 – MCT is proud to announce that on December 18th they became the first organization to connect lenders to Fannie Mae’s Loan Pricing API via its Bid Auction Manager (BAM) loan trading platform for live Servicing Marketplace® (SMP) pricing.

UPDATE Oct. 10, 2019 – MCT is proud to announce the addition of the Freddie Mac Cash-Released XChange browse price API to the integration between Freddie Mac and the MCTlive! platform. Leveraging the browse price API, MCTlive! lenders can now accurately and conveniently utilize Freddie Mac Cash-Released XChange in their best execution analysis.

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